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Traditional Ties 07/20/13, Playlist

Air Time
(Manual entries have the artist and selection reversed).

 Kenny Baker 
Jerusalem Ridge
Kenny Baker Plays Bill Monroe
10:00:00 PM
 Flatt Lonesome
Dangerous Dan
10:03:34 PM

 Missy Werner 
The Heart You Break (feat. Jeff Roberts, Tim Strong, Artie Werner & Brandon Godman)
Turn This Heart Around
10:06:49 PM
 Larry Sparks
10:09:36 PM
 The Crowe Brothers - I Got the Moon On My Side 
I Got the Moon On My Side
10:13:20 PM
 Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper 
Fiddlin' Joe
On Down the Line - Single
10:17:09 PM

 The Craven Family Band 
Smokey Milltown Home
The Flower Grown
10:21:19 PM
 Reno And Harrell 
A Dollar Down
Reno Bound
10:24:31 PM
 Missy Werner 
Snake in the Grass (feat. Jeff Roberts, Tim Strong, Brandon Godman & Artie Werner)
Turn This Heart Around
10:26:39 PM

 Flatt Lonesome 
I'm Ready Now
10:30:15 PM
 Steve Dilling, Skip Cherryholmes, Darrell Webb, Jason Moore & Justen Haynes (Sideline) 
The Way, The Truth, The Light
Session 1
10:32:45 PM
He Said Yes
John Larimer
10:35:12 PM

 Rachel Burge & Blue Dawning 
Living In the Light
Rachel Burge & Blue Dawning
40:03 PM

He Said Yes
John Larimer
10:37:42 PM

 Missy Werner 
Travelin' Light (feat. Charlie Cushman, Jon Weisberger, Jeremy Garrett, Glen Garrett & Artie Werner)
Turn This Heart Around
10:43:18 PM
 The Farm Hands Bluegrass Quartet 
He Saw It All
In a Country Town
10:46:08 PM
 John Bowman 
In My Father's Eyes
Worship Him
10:48:58 PM

 Edgar Loudermilk 
We Are Travelers Here
My Big Chance Tomorrow
10:53:49 PM
 Bill Emerson And Sweet Dixie 
He Knows My Name
Dancin’ Annie
10:56:30 PM

With Care From Someone
True Bluegrass
True Bluegrass 1979
11:00:00 PM

 Flatt Lonesome 
Never Let Me Go
11:02:00 PM

 Flatt Lonesome 
Slowly Getting You Out of the Way
11:04:47 PM

 Flatt Lonesome 
Letters Have No Arms
11:07:46 PM

 Flatt Lonesome 
How Long
11:10:50 PM

Southern Flavor
Becky Buller
11:14:18 PM
 Missy Werner 
Rocks in the River (feat. Tim Strong, Artie Werner, Brandon Godman & Jeff Roberts - Banjo)
Turn This Heart Around
11:17:51 PM
 The Velvet Blue
Starting All Over
Memories and Heartaches
11:20:21 PM
 Tom Neal 
New Camptown Races
11:25:10 PM

Things My Daddy Told Me
Poor Mountain Home
11:29:41 PM
 Missy Werner 
Rough Edges (feat. Jeff Roberts, Tim Strong & Artie Werner)
Turn This Heart Around
11:33:39 PM
 Larry Efaw and the Bluegrass Mountaineers 
One Kiss Away from Loneliness
She Left Me Standing On a Mountain
11:35:50 PM
 Terry Baucom 
Martha White, Lester and Earl (feat. Marty Raybon)
Never Thought of Looking Back
11:39:40 PM

 Darin Aldridge & Brooke Aldridge
Higher Than My Heart

11:43:22 PM
 Missy Werner 
I Just Got Wise (feat. Jeff Roberts, Tim Strong & Artie Werner)
Turn This Heart Around
11:46:51 PM

 Dailey & Vincent 
Hills of Caroline
Brothers of the Highway
11:49:17 PM

 Circa Blue 
Lead Foot
A Darker Blue
11:54:56 PM

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