Friday, July 31, 2009

Lewis Family Appearances

For those interested in seeing The Lewis Family, here are their remaining shows, before retirement.

Lebanon, MO
Cowan Civic Center (Brumley Sing) 1-800-435-3725 or
7:00 PM
Washingtonville, PA
Montour-Delong Fairgrounds

Clear Springs, MD
Clear Springs High School
7:00 PM
Dover, PA
Union Fire & Hose Co. #1
7:15 PM and 9:15 PM

Banjoists and Showmen

Two of the great banjoists/showmen exchange views on the world economy. As you might suppose Little Roy did most of the talking, Leroy Troy would just shake his head from time to time.

Remember the Big Shelter

Remember the big shelter I posted about earlier in the week, Here it is now, after the wind hit.

The crowd picture shows that the audience stuck it out.

The Rest of Friday's Bands at Parsons

From the top, Leroy Troy and The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band, The Lewis Family, Karl Shiflett with Pittsburgh's David Long front and center, and David Davis and The Warrior River Boys.

Friday at Parsons

It rained hard all night and all morning here at Pickin' in Parsons the show had just started with Blue Moon Rising, when it really started to pour and the wind kicked up. But it is clearing now, and the show, which had been stopped for awhile, his underway once again. More posts later.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Unidentified Red Head Crashes Next Best Thing Show.

No explanation necessary, where was security?

Proud Mother Tapes Her Daughters' Show

Rhonda taping her daughters in the band Next Best Thing. I wonder, did she have a written release from the band.

Even More From Parsons

Rhonda sang Happy Birthday to Glen Leonard from stage and announced that he was 75 today and sent a free T shirt to him. I don't know if it is his birthday, but I feel sure he is not yet 75.

Later she signed the shirt and they had pictures taken together. The instigator was Terry Hall

More from Parsons

Hunter Berry was called on stage to play a song with Next Best Thing, Hunter is engaged to Sally (guitar), a July 2010 wedding is planned.
Does anyone else remember Rhonda traveling with her kids an the road? When Rhonda was still in the family band, The Sally Mountain Show, she brought them to the Elizabeth Moose several times, Tensel was a toddler at the time. Seeing them now makes me feel old.

Saturday Bands at 'Pickin' in Parsons.'

The bands for Saturday at 'Pickin' in Parsons,' Rhonda Vincent and the Rage, Next Best Thing (featuring Rhonda's daughters - Sally and Tensel Sandker,) Frank Ray and Cedar Hill, The Hillbilly Gypsies, ans Junior Sisk and Ramblers Choice.

Pickin' in Parsons, Thursday Morning

Good Morning from "Pickin' in Parsons," everything is ready as promised,in pictures taken two hours before showtime, the new shower rooms are complete, BIG john Bowers, festival MC is rearin' go and the no service camping is filling up rapidly.
I will be posting more pictures later today and through out the festival.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rainey Days and Wednesday

Wednesday seems like it will be our rain day Pickin' in Parsons. The forecast says sunny Thursday through Saturday during the festival. Everyone is getting ready for the pot luck supper and jam this evening.

I've included some photos taken yesterday morning of the river and the one lonely camper in the huge non-service camping area, it will be full by Thursday morning. The hook-up camping area has been full since Monday.

Traditional Ties, 10/02/09, Playlist

Contact info for new add;

Air Time
Artist Name
Song Title
Album Name

10:02 PM
Big Big Heartache
the Other side of Towne / Pinecastle
10:06 PM
Rob Ickes
Angeline the Baker
Contemporary Dobro Artistry / Mel Bay
10:10 PM
Dede Wyland
The Memory of Your Smile
Keep the Light On / Patuxant
10:13 PM
Tommy Webb
Heartland / Rural Rhythm
10:17 PM
Del McCoury
Nashville Cats
By Request / McCoury Music
10:20 PM
Blue Moon Rising
The Hanging Tree
One Lonely Shadow / Lonesome Day
10:24 PM
Bobby Osborne
Let's Sing Our Song
Bluegrass and Beyond / Rounder
10:27 PM
Brandom Rickman
So Long 20s
Young Man Old Soul / Rural Rhythm
10:32 PM
Paul Williams
Sinner Don't Wait
What a Journey / Rebel
10:36 PM
Lynn Beckman
Meeting in the Air
Grassland to Gloryland / Self
10:39 PM
River of Jordan
I'll Be With You / Pinecastle
10:42 PM
Rob Ickes
Be Thou My Vision
Contemporary Dobro Artistry / Mel Bay
10:46 PM
Larry Stephenson
How High Is That Mountain
Thankful / Pinecastle
10:49 PM
Pine Mountain Railroad
My Eyes Shall Be On Canaan's Land
...Pickin' / Rural Rhythm
10:52 PM
Carolina Road
Harp With Golden Strings
...Givr Jesus a Try / Blue Circle
10:55 PM
Nothin' Fancy
Gone Home
Lord Bless This House / Pinecastle
11:02 PM
Rob Ickes
Blackberry Blossom
Contemporary Dobro Artistry / Mel Bay
11:05 PM
Remington Ryde
Can't Seem to Stay Ahead
The Ryde / Self
11:08 PM
Tennessee Courtin' Time
Here's a Little Song / Bell Buckle
11:10 PM
Blue Shades
Chasing Dreams
Chasing Dreams / Self
11:15 PM
Carrie Hassler
I Can Go Back Anytime
CHHR2 / Rural Rhythm
11:19 PM
Tim Graves
Prodigal Son
Prodigal Son / C&L E
11:22 PM
Third Tyme Out
Carolina's Arms
Russell Moore... / Rural Rhythm
11:25 PM
Rob Ickes
I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes
Contemporary Dobro Artistry / Mel Bay
11:31 PM
Rhonda Vincent
Destination Life
Destination Life / Rounder
11:34 PM
Big Country Bluegrass
High Alleghenies
Open for Business / Mountain Road
11:37 PM
Angelica Grim
The Letter
Look for Me / Patuxant
11:40 PM
Lonesome River Band
Them Blues
No Turning Back / Rural Rhythm
11:45 PM
Donna Ulisse
In My Wildest Dreams
Walk This Mountain Down / Hadley
11:48 PM
Gibson Brothers
Farm of Yesterday
Ring the Bell / Compass
11:52 PM
Dailey and Vincent
Girl in the Valley
Brothers... / Rounder
11:55 PM
Wayne Taylor
Don't Be Waitin'
...and Appaloosa / Raincoe
11:57 PM
Rob Ickes
Wheel Hoss
Contemporary Dobro Artistry / Mel Bay



Link to Traditional Ties web pages:

Hot Rize: From Old Grass To New Grass

Great story on the history of Hot Rize from Jam Base.

...O'Brien goes a little further to enumerate their goals at the time. "We wanted to play traditional bluegrass with our own stamp on it, but we wanted to try to fit into the genre and pay tribute to it, really," he says. "We also wanted to explore other areas and one of those was doing a little bit of comedy with the Trailblazers and another was writing songs. We mostly walked inside the line of the bluegrass borders but we went outside it a little bit here and there..." Read more...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bryan Sutton Intreview and Article

Bryan Sutton
By John Lupton, July 2009, Country Standard Time

...Of course, it's the blistering leads and breaks that leave the audience shaking their heads, but Sutton agrees that playing fast and playing "clean" are not quite the same thing, and if a solo break is little more than a blur of notes, you really haven't accomplished anything...
Read Complete interview...

Good Story on Danny Paisley and Southern Grass

Paisley brings the soul in Bluegrass
Posted By Naeema Siddiqua

His voice will make you wrap your arms around yourself and make you swing from side to side with the melody of true bluegrass tradition.
Dan Paisley and his band, the Southern Grass, will be performing at this year's Blueberry Bluegrass Festival on July 31, and you don't need a campfire to get in the mood for this music.
The band promises their sound will warm audience's heart to the core. Resd More...

Classic Bluegrass DVDs From Blue Highways TV

Traditional Ties, 08/09/09, Highlights

Contact info for new add:

This Sunday we will be featuring the companion CD to Rob Ickes new DVD, Contemporary Dobro Artistry. Multiple cuts will be played through out the show.

The complete playlist will be posted later this week.



Link to Traditional Ties web pages:

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Lost City Ramblers, Video Release

The New Lost City Ramblers - Always Been a Rambler

Always Been a Rambler, directed by Yasha Aginsky, traces the journey of the New Lost City Ramblers, stars of the 1960s folk revival who pioneered the concept of urban musicians working side-by-side with authentic traditional musicians. They influenced generations of musicians, from folk-rock elder statesmen Bob Dylan and Jerry Garcia to the contemporary African American string band the Carolina Chocolate Drops.
A treasure trove of recently filmed and rare archival footage, photos and music, this film includes musical performances and interviews by the New Lost City Ramblers, Maybelle and Sara Carter, David Grisman, Pete Seeger, Ricky Skaggs, Doc Watson, Roscoe Holcomb, and many other masters of old time music. Produced by the Arhoolie Foundation. 58 min plus bonus footage.
BONUS FOOTAGE: 24 minutes (8 more songs) of a rarely-seen 1969 color film of the NLCR, plus never-before-seen 1959 footage of the NLCR with Tom Paley (2 more songs)

More info on NLCR can be found here.

Bluegrass Concerts at Pocono Raceway

*Bluegrass Festival At Pocono Raceway Maybe Largest Ever Attended*

The A-list Of Bluegrass Artists Perform Two Concerts at NASCAR Event Boston, Ma. (July 28, 2009)— Billed as "The Music of the Mountains," Pocono Raceway will play host to bluegrass concerts prior to this weekend’s Pennsylvania 500, a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series event.

The two days of concerts, July 31 and August 1, will feature Ricky Skaggs, Steep Canyon Rangers, Charlie Sizemore Band, Dailey & Vincent, DelMcCoury Band, Cherryholmes, Blue Highway and SteelDrivers. "The concerts are not unique as are the attendance numbers and venue.To our knowledge, this event will have the largest audience attending a bluegrass event in some time, now estimated at 50,000 milling about the infield over the two-days." So states Andrew Kaplan, outside marketing manager, the events lead sponsor. "The Pocono venue, free to fans camping at the NASCAR event, will introduce this great American music to a new audience, folks that might never attend a bluegrass event.And, if all goes according to plan bluegrass might just be touring NASCAR sanctioned tracks in 2010."When people think of NASCAR they're inclined to associate the fan base with country music, true, but the traditional music of bluegrass resonates with many who recognize that an American, albeit 'old-world' influenced music, and a sub-genre of country.It's said, the onset of radio in the early 1900s brought this old-time music out of the rural Southern mountains to people all over the U.S., now, Pocono Raceway will continue that tradition by bringing the music to the mountains of Pennsylvania and die-in the wool NASCAR fans. Casey Parker, GM and radio host for Penn's Peak, and MC for Friday night's concert, "our format is, where rock and country collide, but our audience of enthusiasts know bluegrass is at the heart and soul of both.So, for us to be a part of this event, to support what many believe to be 'true' traditional music is wonderful,particularly given the scope of this event ... it'll be great fun." Suite 104 Media, sponsor of the event under its brand,wish to thank HughesNet Satellite Internet service, National Speed Sports News, Flipnbags and many others for supporting this event. Visit more information. For the history of bluegrass visit*About Suite104Media, LLC*Suite 104 Media is the parent company of, the

Instruments Stolen

The Randy Kohrs Band has suffered a devastating loss when the band van was broken into and nearly everything stolen out of it this weekend following a performance at the Musicians Against Childhood Cancer festival near Columbus, OH. The estimated amount of loss at this point looks to be around $50,000 - $60,000, but as the reality of it all sinks in, we're thinking of more stuff that was taken.

It was stolen out of the Sleep Inn parking lot in Obetz, OH between 3:30am and 5:00am, estimated. This was probably the only time we've ever left our stuff in the van like that, and we only did so because we were going to be in the hotel only a short time before heading home. They ripped the lock completely out of the driver's side door to get in. Luckily, the banjo player, Mike Sumner, was riding with his girlfriend and has his banjo in her car instead.

Oddly enough, none of the drums or related gear were stolen.

Scheerhorn L-Body Resonator guitar #547
Amistar Randy Kohrs Model tricone resonator
Meredith all blonde, tongue-oiled maple resonator guitar
Mike Long D-18 style acoustic guitar
*All guitars had fishman pick-ups
Custom Cedar Creek Case for the Meredith – black alligator, inside is purple, has "Custom Built for Randy Kohrs" plate
Two white Calton Cases with Randy's name on them, both had red interiors
Cedar Creek case for the acoustic Mike Long Guitar

Forrest Craig (Texas-based luthier) Violin with L.R. Baggs pickup
Strad copy violin, roughly 1880's, the tag inside not exactly accurate. Pictures can be seen on our website/pages.
A double violin case, the attached strap doesn't match – it's maroon and gray with gold hardware.

Upright acoustic King Bass, white with black trim, red tailpiece, rare
2 Warwick 2 10" speaker cabinets
Silver waterproof helicopter case with cables and a Shure wireless system

3 Stage Ninja brand quarter inch cables

Fishman Dreadnought Aura, Fishman resophonic Aura, Fishman Reverb, Fishman Chorus, Fishman Delay, Boosta Grande Boost pedal, 2 Radial DI's, Radial Tone Bone Pre-Amp, Hilton Optical volume pedal, 2 Peterson Strobe Stomp Tuners (one had Ashley B. written on the front of it in black marker)

Tool Kit with extra cords and assorted tools.

(Post courtesy of WPBGC)

Newly Discovered Loar For Sale

Elderly Instruments announces a "newly discovered" Gibson F5, dated July 9, 1923 and signed by Lloyd Loar. Looks like a nice one, even the original case appears to be in good shape. It's a fairly common date for Loars but the fact that Bill Monroe's was that date ups the value, which in the case of this specimen is $250,000.00. It'll be interesting to see what it finally goes for.

Courtesy of Bob Artis and WPBGC

(There are many more pictures on the Ederly site).

Getting Ready for Pickin' in Parsons

Each year Joyce and John Bowers owners of Five River Campground in Parsons WV make improvements to their grounds for their Pickin' in Parsons Bluegrass Festival.

This year they have a new 100 x 100 ft. shelter for shade. and a shower house for the no hook-up area is under construction. John assures me it will be ready for the festival opening.

I have included some photos of the view from the campground.

Music resounds at annual bluegrass festival

Daily American Staff Writer

Saturday, July 25, 2009 10:28 PM EDT
It’s likely an alien sound to the casual cruiser of pop radio — the pleasant harmony of fiddle, banjo, mandolin and sometimes even dobro.

But for the hundreds of fans who flocked to the Friedens area for the annual Coleman Station Bluegrass Festival, the sound couldn’t be sweeter.

“It’s underground music,” said Pittsburgh resident Lew Scheinman, a self-described bluegrass enthusiast of 40 years. “It’s kept going by the passion and enthusiasm of its fans.” Read more...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pickin' in Parsons

Darlene and I have arrived at the Five River Campground, Parsons WV. We are awaiting The Pickin' in Parsons Bluegrass Festival which runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

In the meantime we are going to just hang out and relax. I will be posting from here all week.
Pictures will be posted starting tomorrow.

Thanks to the Custers

Thanks to the Custers, Tim, Brenda, Kevin and Cindy and there extended family as well as their great bluegrass family who put together a weekend of outstanding bluegrass and unmatched fellowship. The weather turned out to be much better than the forecast and the substantial increase in attendance was good to see, the support in general is still less than needed.

If you were there bring some friends next year.

If you did not attend, try to get there next year.
Look for 2110 dates to be announced on the Coleman Station website - http://blue-grass.oeg/festival

A personal thanks to the Custers for including Darlene and I in your event.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Custer Family, Kids, and Friends

One of the highlights of the Coleman Station Bluegrass Festival each year is when the Custers take the stage, passing on the tradition to a new generation.