Monday, November 30, 2009

Greensky Bluegrass Trying to Be Part of Genre's Uptick

Note: Greensky will be at the Rex Theatre, South Side. Pittsburgh, December 3.

By John Benson

The Kalamazoo shuffle is the name Greensky Bluegrass dobro player Anders Beck has given to describe his band's definitive sound.Specifically, this vibe or feeling can be experienced on the Michigan-based quintet's new mid-tempo song "Reverent," which can be found on the outfit's new CD, "Five Interstates.""It has that loping feel that this band plays very well," said Beck, calling from Kalamazoo, Mich. "It's this sort of groove, loping tempo that people can dance to but doesn't go by so fast that you miss what someone is saying. A big part of this band has always been the songwriting to make us unique and make it sound like our own, and this album has some of our best work song-wise and playing wise, too."As far as this bluegrass goes, there's always a focus on traditional bluegrass and traditional songs, things like that. We certainly pay our respects to that but also try to make it our own through original songwriting and things like that."Formed around the turn of the century, Greensky Bluegrass' rise through the ranks of the club circuit also mirrors the increased attention the genre has received over the last decade. What might have begun with the "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" soundtrack eventually led to the mainstream noticing Nickel Creek and Alison Krauss.

Full story.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bluegrass Fans Keep On Pluckin'

Hernando Today
Published: November 28, 2009

SPRING LAKE - Victor Hall needed to tune his guitar before finishing the set.
Tomorrow's News was blazing through its performance and had the crowd's attention.
Hall didn't want to lose the momentum. He didn't care whether his six-string guitar was short of perfect. He didn't want to stall any longer. He wanted to rip into the last song.
"That's close enough," he said after he plucked his strings a few more times for good measure.
Hall turned to his 15-year-old son, Bryce, on the mandolin.
"Burn it, boy," he told him.
There weren't many people in the audience who were Bryce Hall's age range, except for his sister, Kalyn, who sang and played bass in the four-member band.
Tomorrow's News was one of the many acts during the four-day Thanksgiving Bluegrass Festival at Sertoma Youth Ranch. Read more.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Centennial of Bill Monroe's birth will offer a big bluegrass bash

By KEITH LAWRENCE Mclatchy News Service - Published: November 28, 2009

When William Smith Monroe was born on Sept. 13, 1911, few people other than the neighbors of James Buchanan "Buck" and Malissa Vandiver Monroe knew about it.After all, the baby, named for two of his uncles, was the eighth child born into the farm family on Ohio County, Ky.'s Jerusalem Ridge.It was hardly news that Malissa Monroe was having a baby.But on Sept. 13, 2011, the 100th anniversary of the birth of Bill Monroe is expected to make Jerusalem Ridge a tourist mecca.
And bluegrass fans from around the world are expected to flock to "Monroe Country," a 265-mile trail stretching from Nashville where the "father of bluegrass music" found fame on the Grand Ole Opry to Bean Blossom, Ind., where he launched what is now the world's longest-running bluegrass festival 43 years ago.Rosine, Ky., Monroe's birthplace and burial site, and Owensboro, Ky., home of the International Bluegrass Music Museum, are right in the middle of the trail.And both are hoping to take advantage of the Monroe Centennial.The annual Jerusalem Ridge Bluegrass Music Celebration, held next to Monroe's boyhood home, drew 15,000 fans from 49 states and eight countries this October, organizers say.

Full story.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Bluegrass Players Swear By Picks Made In Knoxville

By Morgan Simmons

Published Friday, November 27, 2009

Toss a BlueChip pick into a fire, and it won't melt.
Step on it, and it won't break.
Put one in your hand, and you have what a growing number of professional bluegrass musicians say is the best sounding, best playing pick on the market.
At $35 apiece, they better be.
Matthew Goins and his four-man crew run the BlueChip Picks company out of a small machine shop on the outskirts of Knox County. When not making picks for guitar and mandolin players, they manufacture special parts for semiconductors.
And it is that work that makes Goins keep the material used for the picks a secret.
"We're just five old country boys who stumbled onto something good," Goins said.
The first BlueChip pick was made four years ago after one of Goins' machinists who plays guitar decided he needed a pick that would outlast tortoise shell, the Holy Grail of pick material that can no longer be purchased legally because it comes from an endangered sea turtle.
Working with a piece of high-tech material, they fashioned a guitar pick that delivered clear, rich tone. Because the material was self-lubricating, the pick slid smoothly off the strings, yet it was easy to grip, even with sweaty hands.
There was no doubt that the pick had potential. What Goins couldn't figure out was how to make the picks remotely affordable given that each 10-inch-square, half-inch-thick piece of the material they were made from cost $4,800.
"The material was so expensive, I could have easily said 'I don't waste it on picks' and walked away," Goins said. "I'm mighty glad I didn't."
After months of brainstorming, Goins finally developed a manufacturing system that enabled him to sell his picks for $35 apiece.
People bragged on the picks' tone, grip, and speed, but for the most part, they remained a secret shared among a few pickers around Knoxville. The turnaround came at the 2007 Fall Homecoming at the Museum of Appalachia in Norris, when Goins gave a few picks to Danny Roberts, mandolin player for the nationally recognized bluegrass band, The Grascals.
The following week, Roberts called Goins, and they talked picks for almost two hours.
"I asked Danny if he thought this was something worth pursuing," Goins said. "He said, 'I've searched for the perfect pick my whole life. As far as I'm concerned, the search is over.' I was blown away."
Rather than sink a lot of money into advertising, Goins travels to Nashville and lets his picks do the talking. Renowned mandolin player Chris Thile is a recent convert to BlueChip picks, as is Dan Tyminski, Rhonda Vincent and The Steep Canyon Rangers, to name a few.

Full story.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ronnie Reno's Trip to Glenville State

On Oct. the 20th I was invited to come to Glenville WV and pick and sing with the Glenville State Bluegrass Band. It was part of their homecoming and I was honored to get to perform with them. They have a great program at the college, which is one of the few schools that have a Major in Bluegrass Music. I have asked one of the great young players in the band, Megan Murphy to give our newsletter readers an insight on how she feels about the music and how she thought the night went.

Here's her story:

My name is Megan Murphy and I am a senior at Glenville State College, West Virginia. In 2006 I came to Glenville State College specifically for the Bluegrass Certification, along with majoring in Early and Elementary Education. As part of the bluegrass program, I was required to take a variety of courses such as recording and engineering to the more in depth end of business and marketing. Besides being part of the band, I also took part in hourly lessons on each instrument with our instructor, Buddy Griffin.
Director of Bluegrass Music, Buddy Griffin is not only our professor, but a living role model for those of us in this bluegrass program. Buddy was born in Summersville West Virginia and is also a Glenville State College graduate. Many folks have known him because of his great reputation of fiddling with the famous Jim and Jesse, and of course many more legends. Perhaps the “down to earth” personality that he shows is why he means so much to us and the community. Although he keeps quiet about his fame, we all realize the significant part he has played in bluegrass music.
In my short time here I have experienced a lot because the program has so much more to offer than other colleges. It is truly special to have musicians that many young folks look up to such as Ronnie Reno, Mike Compton and Jesse McReynolds to spend time with each of us. The GSC bluegrass band has also had many opportunities such as taking part in the famous “Midnight Jamboree,” various radio shows and even at one point appeared on “WSM TV”. Many students would never get these opportunities anywhere else. Not to mention that in 2007 Buddy announced at IBMA that we are the only four-year Bachelor of Arts Degree in Bluegrass Music in existence!
This month the legendary Ronnie Reno visited our college campus and starred in our annual bluegrass concert. The community and student body were all invited to take part in the performance. The GSC bluegrass band kicked off the show with strictly traditional bluegrass tunes followed by a unique showcase and interview of Ronnie Reno’s life as a bluegrass musician. Of course Ronnie wrapped the show up great by offering to what some of the band members may consider a “once in a lifetime opportunity”. That was to share the stage with him. At least I personally valued the pickin’ and grinnin’ time!
I was literally raised on bluegrass music. As my dad says, “bluegrass is in her blood!” My mom and dad took me to my first bluegrass festival when I was only four months old. At age five my parents bought me my first fiddle and my dad spent hours and hours with me on the front porch teaching me to scratch out tunes like “Old Joe Clark” and “Faded Love.” Now I spend most of my time concentrating on what I love best, and that is the mandolin. My family and I have our own traditional bluegrass band called “Megan Murphy and Yankee Bluegrass”. Thanks to Buddy, we just cut our first CD, here at the college this past year. Although I learned that it was not an easy process, I have enjoyed every minute of the studio time!
Growing up, I quickly realized that I was one of very few children who enjoyed and played this type of music. Because I have not had many opportunities to play this music with folks of my own age, I guess that is a major reason Glenville State College was my college choice.
Sometimes I think about how important the music is to me. I realize when I think about it that bluegrass is not only my passion, but my foundation, support, happiness and family. The music makes me happy, and to be able to share it with others is an amazing opportunity. It keeps my family close and I consider it a blessing to share the stage with my parents, the college band, as well as all of the new and interesting people I meet at bluegrass festivals. Besides being such a significant part of my family, the few dollars I make on the side helps support me in college!
I specifically chose Glenville State College because of its bluegrass program even though it is more expensive for me as an out-of-state student. Bluegrass is my family, my livelihood, and my life and I feel that the opportunity to share it with young people by attaining my early education degree is truly special.
Because of my experience here at Glenville State College, not the least of which was our recent performance with Ronnie Reno, I know I can move forward into my lifetime career in Bluegrass music with greater insight and much more confidence. Thanks to all the professionals who have helped me and other young folks like me to attain our goals and a lifetime of enjoyment in Bluegrass music.
Be sure to check us out at We are also on myspace and facebook!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Songs Their Fathers Loved

Nashville, Tenn.
On the face of it, they're not much alike—Rosanne Cash, Southern California-raised and, for the past two decades, an urbane singer-songwriter based in Manhattan; and Ricky Skaggs, raised in Eastern Kentucky and since the '90s a leading purveyor and proponent of traditional bluegrass, based just north of Nashville in Hendersonville, Tenn. But look closer and you see the parallels.

Both had strings of mainstream-country hits throughout the '80s, including 10 chart-toppers for her ("Seven Year Ache," "Tennessee Flat Top Box" and "Runaway Train" among them) and 11 for him (such as "Highway 40 Blues," "Don't Cheat in Our Hometown" and "Country Boy"). They were born just months apart; she's 54 and he's 55, and both have grown children on the eve of their own careers. Ms. Cash's daughter Chelsea Crowell will have her first CD out next year; Mr. Skaggs's daughter Molly is working up arrangements of Appalachian ballads, ancient and self-penned, for a 200-voice choral concert at Carnegie Hall.

Complete story in The Wall Street Journal.

Traditional Ties, 11/29/09, Playlist

Contact info for new adds:

Charlie Daniels -

Air Time
Artist Name
Song Title
Album Name
10:00 PM
Kenny Baker
Jerusalem Ridge (Theme)
Plays Bill Monroe
10:02 PM
Sam Bush
Diamond Joe
Circles Around Me
Sugar Hill
10:06 PM
Claire Lynch
My Florida Sunshine
Whatcha Gonna Do
10:09 PM
The Bluegrass Soul Pickers
If I Ever Get Home
10:12 PM
Bobby Osborne
After the Fire Is Gone
Bluegrass and Beyond
10:16 PM
Michael Cleveland
In My Mind to Ramble
Leavin' Town
10:19 PM
Blue Moon Rising
One Lonely Shadow
Lonesome Day
10:22 PM
Melonie Cannon
Back to Earth
And the Wheel Turns
Rural Rhythm
10:26 PM
Bryan Sutton
Kitchen Girl
Almost Live
Sugar Hill
10:31 PM
Larry Sparks
I Just Want to Thank You Lord
I Just Want to Thank You Lord
Rural Rhythm
10:37 PM
Larry Sparks
What Kind of Man
I Just Want to Thank You Lord
Rural Rhyrhm
10:40 PM
Larry Sparks
A King For Me
I Just Want to Thank You Lord
Rural Rhythm
10:44 PM
Larry Sparks
Little White Framed Church
I Just Want to Thank You Lord
Rural Rhythm
10:47 PM
Lou Reid
John in the Jordan
My Own Set of Rules
Rural Rhythm
10:49 PM
Donna Ulisse
The Key
Walk This Mountain Down
10:52 PM
James King
Daddy Doesn't Pray Anymore
Gardens in the Sky
10:56 PM
Dailey & Vincent
I Am Resolved
Singinf from the Heart
11:00 PM
True Bluegrass
With Care from Someone (Theme)
True bluegrass 1979
True Bluegrass
11:02 PM
Charlie Daniels w/ The Grascals
Christmas Tme's a Comin'
Joy to the World
E 1
11:06 PM
Charlie Daniels
Mississippi Christmas Eve
Joy to the World
E 1
11:09 PM
Charlie Daniels w/ Dan Tyminski
The Christmas Song
Joy to the World
E 1
11:14 PM
Charlie Daaniels w/ Suzanne Cox
Silent Night
Joy to the World
E 1
11:21 PM
Frances Mooney
Here We Go A-Going
I Didn't See It Coming
Blue Circle
11:23 PM
Buddy Merriam
Extra Special
Backroads Mandolin
Lily Pad
11:27 PM
Alan Munde
Wave Goodbye
Made to Last
Munde's Child
11:31 PM
Richard D. Henry
An Old Habit
A Long Way from Home
Richard d. Henry
11:35 PM
The Del McCoury Band
White Pass Railroad
Family Circle
McCoury Music
11:37 PM
Lonesome River Band
Them Blues
No Turning Back
Rural Rhythm
11:42 PM
Joe Mullins
Farmer's Blues
Rambler's Call
Joe Mullins
11:45 PM
Pam Gadd
Wrong Wrong Wrong
Benefit of Doubt
Home Sweet Highway
11:48 PM
Danny Paisley
Rasin' Cane in Texas
The Room Over Mine
11:52 PM
Lonesome Highway
Cold December Day
The Highway Called
Lonesome Highway
11:57 PM
Remington Ryde
The Ryde
Remington Ryde
2:51 JOHN TROUT, WYEP FM, PITTSBURGH, PA. 'TRADITIONAL TIES'- NEW RELEASE BLUEGRASS WITH FEATURES. 91.3 WYEP, 10:00 PM Eastern Time (U.S.) Sundays. Streaming Audio 1608 JEFFERSON ST, LATROBE PA, 15650 -2940 Link to Traditional Ties web pages:

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Ashby Frank Leaving Special Consensus

News from Ashby Frank:

I’m pretty excited about going home for Thanksgiving this week, but of course I’ll be at Mashville on Tuesday before I leave. I hope I’ll see you there too!
After the Thanksgiving weekend, I’ll be leaving out with Special C for a week long tour of Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado. Another long drive, but it’s always nice to visit my friends in that part of the world.
The big news (at least in my world) is that trip will be my last tour as a member of the Special Consensus.
I’ve had a blast being a part of the band for the last two and a half years, and working with Special C has allowed me to see parts of the world that I’ve never seen before and become known as a singer and songwriter. I greatly appreciate the opportunity Greg Cahill gave me to be associated with the Special C, and the friendships that have been created as a result of my time with the band. I’ll miss you guys, and wish you much success!

More on Ashby's web site.

Monday, November 23, 2009

ETSU Adds Four Year Bluegrass Degree

By Rex Barber
Press Staff Writer

Laura Ford had wanted to study bluegrass music since she was 14.

In January, the East Tennessee State University student will be able to major in the genre. ETSU announced Friday the creation of a new bachelor’s of art in bluegrass, old time and country music, the first such four-year degree program in the world.

“I think it’s amazing,” Ford said. “I’ve been waiting on it a long time. I’m from here in Johnson City. And it’s just a dream come true to be a part of the university and just to be part of the bluegrass major.”

She remembered seeing the ETSU Bluegrass Band as a child and telling her father she wanted to participate in that when she got older.

She was accepted into the ETSU bluegrass program when she was 14. A minor has been available in bluegrass at ETSU for a while, and Ford was pursing that while majoring in art. She will switch those programs now.

“It’s made my semester,” she said.

Read more

Allen Shelton, bluegrass banjo player, dies at 73

Published by Peter Cooperon November 22, 2009.

Influential bluegrass banjo player Allen Shelton, an integral part of numerous classic recordings with Jim & Jesse, Jim Eanes and others, died Saturday at Centennial Medical Center in Nashville after battling leukemia. He was 73.
A virtuoso instrumentalist, Mr. Shelton could play up-tempo numbers with uncommon speed and precision, and he was also at home playing jazz-inflected tunes. Jim & Jesse fans recall his spotlight solo on “Bending the Strings” during live performances, as well as his rollicking, chattering work on recordings of “South Bound Train” and “Maybelline.”“He helped start the Jim & Jesse sound,” said duo member Jesse McReynolds. “He had his own style: He had a way of presenting with his right hand that no other banjo player has had. I learned a lot of mandolin licks from the way he played the banjo, and he was like a brother to me.”
Mr. Shelton joined Jim & Jesse in 1960, before the festival scene and the television popularity of Flatt & Scruggs helped make bluegrass music a more profitable endeavor.
“We had it back then, but not many people wanted it, did they?” he sometimes remarked to Jesse McReynolds in later years.

Full story in The Tennesseean.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bruce Mountjoy Celebrates His 50th Birthday

Darlene and I were privileged to be invited to Bruce Mountjoy's family to join in hie surprise 50th birthday party. Bruce is the long time host of "The Bluegrass Jam Session" on WYEP.

Photos from top:
Bruce with his family
Karen Artis
Carol Snyder, Kay Brinker
Bernie Cunningham
Jim Snyder, Bob Artis, John Brinker
Marybeth Cunningham, Ricki Berger, Larry Berger,Bruce
Lew Scheinman, Larry, Bruce, Todd Mountjoy
I think I got all of the bluegrass and radio friends present, except Maureen Scheinman, my apologies to her.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Traditional Ties, 11/22/09, Playlist -Part 1

Comtact info for new add:

Air Time, Artist Name, Song Title, Album Name, Label, Duration
10:00 PM, Kenny Baker, Jersusalem Ridge (Theme), Plays Bill Monroe, County. 2;00
10:02 PM, Constant Change, Roses and Carnations, Hills of Home, Papa Leo, 2:34
10:06 PM, Doyle Lawson, Big Wind, Lonely Street, Rounder, 2:42
10:09 PM, Rhonda Vincent, Anywhere Is Home When I'm With You, Destination Life, Rounder, 3:18
10:12 PM, Southern Rail, Mr. Beaford's Barn, On the Road From Appomattox, Railway, 4:50
10:17 PM, Cathy Boyd and Phoenix Rising. Risky Business, Stories Never Told, Phoenix Rising, 3;34
10:21 PM, Special Consensus, Going to Carolina, Signs, Pinecastle, 3:09
10:24 PM, Darren Beachley, Daddy's Chair, Sad Songs and Sunday Mornings, Mastershield, 3:56 10:28 PM, Cullen Galyean, Midnight Ramble, Born to Bluegrass, Mountain Roads, 1:50
10:32 PM, Constant Change, The Hand Reached Down, Hills of Home, Papa Leo, 3:09
10:35 PM, Larry Stephenson, Thankful, , Thankful, Pinecastle, 3;01
10:38 PM, Barry Scott, Have You Met My Friend, In God's Time, Rebel, 2:31
10:40 PM, Nothin' Fancy, Let Your Light Shine Down, Lord Bless This House, Pinecastle, 2:31
10:44 PM, Constant Change, The Story of the Pharisees, Hills of Home, Papa Leo, 2:10
10:46 PM, Pathway, If It Weren't for Love, Somewhere Tonight, Mountain Roads, 4:02
10:46 PM, Lynn Beckman, Life's Railway to Heaven, Grassland to Gloryland, Anchor Cross, 4:02 10:54 PM, Cody Shuler & Pine Mountain Railroad, What Would You Give, Pickin', Prasin', Singin', Rural Rhythm, 4:09

Traditional Ties, 11/22/09, Playlist - Part 2

11:00 PM, True Bluegrass, With Care From Someone (Theme), True Bluegrass 1979, True Bluegrass, 2:00
11:02 PM, Constant Change, Roving Rambler, Hills of Home, Papa Leo, 2:58
11:06 PM, Constant Change, Walk the Way the Wind Blows, Hills of Home, Papa Leo, 3:52
11:10 PM, Constant Change, Beneath Still Waters, Hills of Home, Papa Leo, 2:41
11:13 PM, Constant Change, Let Me Res, Hills of Home, Papa Leo, 2:25
11:17 PM, Darren Beachly & the Legends of the Potmac, Love you Don't Know Can Not Hurt You, CD Single, Patuxent, 4:08
11:21 PM, Steep Canyon Rangers, Mourning Dove, Deep In the Shade, Rebel, 2;32
11:24 PM, Alecia Nugent, The Writings All Over the Wall, HillbillyGodess, Rounder, 3:28
11:27 PM, Brandon Rickman, I Take the Backroads, Young Man Old Soul, Rural Rhythm, 3:21
11:32 PM, Wayne Taylor, Dirt Roads, Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa, Raincoe, 3:15
11:36 PM, Grasstowne, Pay Your Dues, The Other Side of Towne, Pinecastle, 3:30
11:39 PM, Audie Blaylock, Whispering Waters, Audie Blaylock & Red Line, Rural Rhythm, 2:50
11:42 PM, Tommy Webb, Everything You Do, Heartland, Rural Rhythm, 2:43
11:47 PM, Sawmill Road, I Found Another Darlin', Fire On the Kettle, SMR, 2;53
11:50 PM, The Grascals, Sad Wind Sighs, Keep On Walkin', Rounder, 3:25
11:53 PM, Mike Jackson, Red Checkerd Shirt, When You Goin' Back, Red Oak, 3:59
11:57 PM, Mark Delaney, Candlewood, Sidecar, Patuxent, 2:49

Sunday 10pm EST - Wyep 91.3 FM, Pittsburgh PA -

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Appereciation Concert

Appreciation Concert

Honoring Gerald Evans Jr. and Dale Vanderpool

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Roberts Centre, Wilmington, OH

I 71, Exit 50 at US 68

Both of these talented entertainers have made a lifetime of contributions to the Bluegrass community throughout Ohio and across the country. They are both battling cancer. A day of music from some of their fellow entertainers will be a great benefit to Gerald, Dale and their families.

Doors Open at NOON

12:30 pm Blue and Lonesome1:00

Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers

1:45 Melvin Goins and Windy Mountain

2:30 Lost and Found

3:30 Don Rigsby and Midnight Call

4:30 the Grascals

5:30 Wildwood Valley Boys

6:30 JD Crowe and the New South

7:30 Larry Stephenson Band

Special Guests - Sonny Osborne, Mark Rader, Larry Cordle, Dwayne Spark sand others

All Seats General Admission$20.00 Donation for adults and teens Children 12 and under admitted Free

Food Concessions Available

Sponsorship assistance provided by:The Roberts Centre, WBZI Radio, Fred and Jason Baird Sound, Darrell Adkins and others For more information, see or call 937-372-5804.

Courtesy WPBGC

Traditional Ties, 11/22/09, Highlights

Contact info for new add:
Constant Change -

We will be featuring the new CD from North Carolina based Bluegrass group Constant Change.

The complete playlist will be posted later this week.

'TRADITIONAL TIES'- NEW RELEASE BLUEGRASS WITH FEATURES. 91.3 WYEP, 10:00 PM Eastern Time (U.S.) Sundays. Streaming Audio
1608 JEFFERSON ST, LATROBE PA, 15650 -2940

Link to Traditional Ties web pages:

Friday, November 13, 2009

Robert Yonke to Provide Artwork for DelFest 2010

DelFest, the Del McCoury Music Festival, has commissioned Robert Yonke to provide artwork for its 2010 event, scheduled for May 27-30, 2010 at the Allegany County Fairgrounds in Cumberland, Maryland. The artwork will be the graphic foundation for a poster and other related items. Yonke has a history of providing artwork for the music industry. Past projects include providing commissioned art for the International Bluegrass Music Association, the Red White and Bluegrass Festival and private collections.The DelFest project is particularly special for him, as he has a home in neighboring Garrett County, Maryland.
Rebecca Sparks, of High Sierra Music, one of the producers of the event had this to say about Yonke, 'We are excited to be working with a local artists this year. Robert Yonke's work reflects a true appreciation for bluegrass and nature....a perfect combination for representing DelFest.' Delfest is presented by MD Mountainside in association with McCoury Music And High Sierra Music. The event includes four days of live music,workshops, arts and craft vendors, as well as a kids' area. The initial line-up for the 2010 event includes the Del McCoury Band, David Grisman Bluegrass Experience, Dailey & Vincent, the Avett Brothers and more.
Additional information on DelFest can be found at
Yonke is a member of the Garrett County Arts Council, Participating Artists of the Turkeyfoot Highlands (PATH), the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society and the International Bluegrass Music Association. His work can be viewed at

Sam Bush Launches SBTV Video Series

Nashville, Tenn. - October 20, 2009, marked numerous milestones for the multi-instrumentalist, three-time GRAMMY(TM) winner and affable, animated personality Sam Bush. Not only Bush's 25th wedding anniversary, October 20th also saw the release of Circles Around Me, his eighth solo release, and the launch of SBTV (Sam Bush TV), which continues Bush's foray in the realm of series video.

Bush, a founding member and mandolinist of the genre-defining act New Grass Revival and constant duet partner of Emmylou Harris in her Nash Ramblers outfit, has recently witnessed a surge in fan response thanks to his self-produced 'Ask Sam Anything' videos. This series of personal, off-the-cuff short films features the artist fielding questions directly from his fans such as, 'Do you still practice?' 'What inspires you?' and 'What have you been listening to lately?'

The overwhelming fan response to the series led Bush to continue exploring the concept of series videos. The result of that exploration is a multi-part video progression where candid descriptions of each song from his new release, Circles Around Me, are presented with personal and behind-the scenes footage of the artist. Sure to be a fan and critical favorite, Bush launched SBTV with his thoughts on the title track, a song co-written by Bush and Nashville-based performer and songwriter Jeff Black. The series continues with eagerly awaited episodes of Bush discussing all Circles Around Me tracks, which include collaborations with bluegrass legends Del McCoury, Edgar Meyer, Jerry Douglas and, thanks to the discovery of an old demo, New Grass Revival co-founder Courtney Johnson (posthumously) - as well as the vast contributions of his group of world-renowned musicians, the Sam Bush Band.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Traditional Ties, 11/15/09, Part 1

Air Time, Artist Name, Song Title, Album Name, Labe, Duration
10:00 PM, Kenny Baker. Jerusalem Ridge, Plays Bill Monroe, County, 2:00
10:02 PM, Jerry Butler / John Wade, Shorty Is Forty, Haulin' Grass, Blue Circle, 3:07
10:06 PM, Claire Lynch, Great Day In the Morning, Whatcha Gonna Do, Rounder, 2:50
10:08 PM, Sawmill Road, Lonesome Road to Travel, Fire On the Kettle, SMR, 2:42
10:11 PM, NewFound Road, Lonesome River, Same Old Place, Rounder, 3:48
10:17 PM, Billy Boone Smith, A Beautiful Home, Advance, Muddy Sunshine, 4:34
10:21 PM, Grasstowne, Laura Lie, The Other Side of Towne, Pinecastle, 3:45
10:25 PM, Steep Canyon Rangers, Have Mercy,Deep In the Shade, Rebel, 3:12
10:28 PM, Jordan Tice,Coming to Life, Long Story,Patuxant, 4:06
10:33 PM, Gary Waltrup Band, Trust and Pray,Trust and Pray,Advance,2;39
10:36 PM, Del McCoury Band, I'm Justified, Family Circle, McCoury Music, 3:32
10:39 PM, Remington Ryde, Where You Gonna Hide, The Ryde, Green Valley, 2;46
10:42 PM, Allegheny Drifters, Babylon Is Fallen, Can't Wait, Allegheny Drifters, 1:56
10:45 PM, Paul William, Someone Made the Shoes Jesus Wore, Advance, Rebel, 3:53
10:48 PM, Gibson Brothers, Ring the Bell, Ring the Bell, Compass, 3:46
10:52 PM, Dailey and Vincent, Moses Smote the Water, Singing from the Heart, Rounder, 2:50
10:55 PMBarry Scott, Is That the Lights of Home, In God's Time, Rebel, 4:12

Traditional Ties, 11/15/09, Part 2

11:00 PM, True Bluegrass, With Care from Someone, True Bluegrass 1979, True Bluegrass, 2:00
11:02 PM, Chris Jones, One Door Away, Cloud of Dust, GSM, 2:39
11:05 PM, Darrin & Brooke Aldridge, Let's Not Go There, Advance, Mountain Home, 3:34
11:09 PM, Alecia Nugent, Nugent Family Band, Hillbilly Goddess, Rounder, 3;32
11:13 PM, Melvin Goins, Dancin' In the Dirt, Dancin' In the Dirt, Blue Circle, 2:44
11:16 PM, Johnny Williams, Papa Loved to Ring That Bell, Last Day of Galax, Mountain Roads, 3:05
11:19 PM, Ralph Stanley, Dickinson County Breakdown, Can't You Hear the Mountains Calling, Rounder, 1:48
11:21 PM, Hank Williams Jr., All the Roads, 127 Rose Ave., Curb, 3:06
11:24 PM, Tommy Edwards, Now's theTime to Say Goodbye, Heartbroke and Lonesome, Salisbury Street, 2:43
11:29 PM, The Bluegrass Soul Pickers, If I Ever Get Home, Advance, Advance, 3:07
11:32 PM, Adam Steffey, One More for the Road, One More for the Road, Sugar Hill, 3:58
11:36 PM, Wayne Taylor, I'm Gonna Be, Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa, Raincoe, 3:04
11:39 PM, Dale Ann Bradley, Don't Turn Your Back, Don't Turn Your Back, Compass, 2:37
11:43 PM, Summertown Road, That's Kentucky, Summertown Road, Rounder, 2:39
11:46 PM, Jim Lauderdale, Today, Could We Get Any Closer, Sky Crunch, 3:00
11:49 PM, Grass Cats, Detour, A Good Way to Get the Blues, New Time, 2:41
11:51 PM, Lou Reid, Amanda Lynn, My Own Set of Rules, Rural Rhythm, 3:29
11:55 PM, Sam Bush, The Old North Woods, Circles Around Me, Sugar Hill, 4;07

Sunday's 10:00 PM - WYEP 91.3 FM, Pittsburgh PA - Streaming

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Traditional Ties, 11/15/09, Highlights

Contact info for new add:
Tom T. and Dixie Hall -

Each fall Tom T. and Dixie Hall distribute a sampler of recently recorded songs they have written. We will be playing extensively from this various artist CD, not only featuring it, but also starting each set with one of their songs, 11 cuts in all. Most of these songs have not been aired before.

The complete playlist will be posted later in the week.

'TRADITIONAL TIES'- NEW RELEASE BLUEGRASS WITH FEATURES. 91.3 WYEP, 10:00 PM Eastern Time (U.S.) Sundays. Streaming Audio
1608 JEFFERSON ST, LATROBE PA, 15650 -2940

Link to Traditional Ties web pages:

Friday, November 6, 2009

Traditional Ties, 11/08/09, Playlist - Page 1

Contact info for new adds:
Del McCoury Band -
Jim lauderdale -
Ralph Stanley -

Air Time, Artist Name, Song Title, Album Name, Label, Duration
10:00 PM, Kenny Baker, Jerusalem Ridge, Plays Bill Monroe, County, 2:00
10:02 PM, Del McCoury Band, Revenuer's Blues, Family Circle, McCoury Music, 2:44
10:07 PM,Ralph Stanley, Can't You Hear the Mountains Calling, Can't You Hear the Mountains Calling, Rounder, 2:44
10:11 PM, Jim Lauderdale, I Took a Liking to You, Could We Get Any Closer, Sky Crunch, 2:34
10:13 PM, Lonesome Highway,Hoping You Will Change Your Mind, The Highway Called,Lonesome Highway, 2:30
10:17 PM, The Travelers, Shadow of a Man. Ridin' the Lines. Hay Holler, 3:15
10:20 PM. Joe Mullens. Another Day Another Dollar, Rambler's Call, Joe Mullens, 2:37
10:23 PM, Rhonda Vincent, Anywhere Is Home When You're With Me, Destination Life, Rounder, 3:18
10:27 PM, Kristen Scott Benson, Bugle Call Rag, Second Season, Pinecastle, 2:59
10:31 PM, Del McCoury Band, I'm Justified, Family Circle, McCoury Music, 3:32
10:34 PM, Special Consensus, What a Beautiful Day, Signs, Pinecastle, 2:55
10:37 PM, Dale Ann Bradley, Heaven, Don't Turn Your Back, Compass, 3:51
10:41 PM, Doyle Lawson, When the Last of Our Days Shall Come, Lonely Street, Rounder, 3:25
10:45 PM, Claire Lynch, Face to Face, Whatcha Gonna Do, Rounder, 3:55
10:49 PM, Southern Rail, I Love to Tell a Story, On the Road From Appomattox, Railway, 2;42
10:52 PM, Lou Reid, John in the Jordan, My Own Set of Rules, Rural Rhythm, 2:24
10:54 PM, Dailey & Vincen, The Old Rugged Cross, Singing From the Heart, Rounder, 4:12

Traditional Ties, 11/08/09, Playlist - Page 2

11:00 PM, True Bluegrass, With Care from Someone, True Bluegrass 1979, True Bluegrass, 2:00
11:02 PM, Del McCoury Band, Hello Lonely, Family Circle, McCoury Music, 3:25
11:07 PM, Del McCoury Band, Delma Blue, Family Circle, McCoury, 3:19
11:11 PM, Del McCoury Band , White Pass Railroad, Family Circle, McCoury Music, 3:45
11:14 PM, Del McCoury Band, Break Up, Family Circle, McCoury Music, 2:35
11:18 PM, Northwest Territory, Veteran's Song, Fiddle Snales, Northwest Territory, 2:46
11:21 PM, Jim Lauderdale, Tennessee Dawn, Could We Get Any Closer, Sky Crunch, 3:12
11:24 PM, Ralph Stanley, Don't Wake Me Up, Can't You Hear the Mountains Calling, Rounder, 2:59
11:26 PM, Adam Steffey, Warm Kentucky Sunshine, One More For the Road, Sugar Hill, 3:49
11:31 PM, Ralph Snanley, This Weary Heart You Stole from Me, Can't You Hear the Mountains Calling, Rounder, 2:25
11:34 PM< Jim Lauderdale, The Ghosts of the Ridge, Could We Get Any Closer, Sky Crunch, 3:32
11:37 PM, Davis Raines, 21 Guns, Parts Unknown, Shell Point, 3:51
11:41 PM, Pam Gadd, Hold Whatcha Got, Benefit of Doubt, Home Sweet Highway, 2:58
11:46 PM, Jim Lauderdale, Today, Could We Get Any Closer, Sky Crunch, 3:00
11:49 PM, Jim & Jesse, Patriotic Medley, American Pride, Pinecastle, 2:55
11:52 PM, Ralph Stanley, That Happy Night, Can't You Hear the Mountains Calling, Rounder, 2:48
11:56 PM, Buddy Merriam, Extra Special, Back Roads Mandolin, Lily Pad, 3:49

'TRADITIONAL TIES'- NEW RELEASE BLUEGRASS WITH FEATURES. 91.3 WYEP, 10:00 PM Eastern Time (U.S.) Sundays. Streaming Audio
1608 JEFFERSON ST, LATROBE PA, 15650 -2940

Link to Traditional Ties web pages:

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kentucky Artist Records "Big E" Tribute

Fot those who remember the early days of IBMA, and the World of Bluegrass events at the Owensboro Ky, Executive Inn, aka "The Big E."

Rumsey, KY- Kentucky Folk Artist and Kentucky Art’s Council Performing Arts Directory member Heath Eric has partnered with several local artists and musicians to produce a song that pays tribute to the history and impact of the Executive Inn Rivermont in Owensboro, Kentucky. It also highlights the sad reality of the hotel’s untimely and unfortunate demise.

The original song, “Big Pile of Bricks,” written and composed by the songwriting team of Americana Songwriter Rick Miller and Heath Eric, features the talent of several area musicians including: Heath Eric, Jeff “Wildman” Hardesty, Molly G. Troutman, Bill Blakeley, and Randy Lanham. Every artist on the project donated his or her time, talent, and resources.

“Big Pile of Bricks” will debut Thursday, November 5th, at 8:30am on the Joe Lowe Morning Show on 1490 WOMI AM – Owensboro, Kentucky. The song is also available for FREE streaming / listening at: . Copies will be available for purchase soon.

“Big Pile of Bricks” was recorded and produced at Rumsey Records, LLC (ASCAP) located in Rumsey, Kentucky. It is being released and published through Kentucky Roots Music, LLC (ASCAP), a publishing company partnership focused on promoting Kentucky music and heritage, formed by Rick Miller, Randy Lanham, and Heath Eric.

Although the song was conceived and recorded with the Executive Inn Rivermont in mind, it speaks to a much greater issue facing our nation, and indeed the world, on a daily basis.

Listen to the song here.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Traditional Ties, 11/08/09, Highlights

Contact info for new adds:
Del McCoury Band -
Jim Lauderdale -
Ralph Stanley -

This Sunday's feature new release will be from The Del McCoury Band. Highlighted CDs will be from Jim Lauderdale and a Ralph Stanley reissue.
Several selections to honor our veterans will be included.

The complete playlist will be posted later in the week.

'TRADITIONAL TIES'- NEW RELEASE BLUEGRASS WITH FEATURES. 91.3 WYEP, 10:00 PM Eastern Time (U.S.) Sundays. Streaming Audio
1608 JEFFERSON ST, LATROBE PA, 15650 -2940

Link to Traditional Ties web pages:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

IBMA Board Report

The IBMA Board met on September 27 and 28 in Nashville to consider a variety of business matters and proposals and to hear several key committee reports. Following are highlights. IBMA Awards The board adopted changes to IBMA Awards election rules to clarify the criteria for album oriented awards and specifically for “Album of the Year.” Effective for the 2010 awards an album is further defined to be a collection of 6 or more songs packaged together for the purposes of sale and promotion and at least 50% of the songs must be new recordings first released during the eligibility period. (Other existing rules and criteria may also apply). The board also amended rules of election for Hall of Fame induction on what is referred to as the “bereavement clause” to reduce the number of years from 2 to 1 that any candidate for nomination who recently passed away is not eligible for consideration immediately after their passing. The Awards Criteria & Eligibility Committee noted concerns shared by members about changes to categories for Recorded Event, Instrumental Recorded Performance and Gospel Recorded Performance and would examine them and report any recommendations at a future meeting.
The board also met with representatives of Coffee Club Pictures to explore new possibilities which could further expand the reach of the IBMA Awards including internet broadcast, a television special and other possibilities. A committee will follow up and report any recommendations.

The complete report can be found here.

Monday, November 2, 2009

It's application Time for the Chris Austin Songwriting Contest

WILKESBORO, N.C. (November 2, 2009)—MerleFest 2010, presented by Lowe’s, is proud once again to host the Chris Austin Songwriting Contest. Now in its 18th year, the contest is an extraordinary opportunity for aspiring writers to have their original songs heard and judged by a panel of Nashville music industry professionals, under the direction of this year’s volunteer contest chairperson, Grammy®-winning singer/songwriter Jim Lauderdale.

Contest entries are now being accepted via the following methods:

U.S. Mail – Send to P. O. Box 121855, Nashville, TN 37212
American Songspace –
Sonicbids –
Details about entry fees, eligibility and other requirements are available at

The deadline for submissions is February 18, 2010. To be eligible to enter, a songwriter must not derive more than 50% of his or her total income from songwriting or music publishing.
Once submitted, songs are judged by a volunteer panel of Nashville songwriters, publishers and other music industry professionals. Judging is based on a song’s originality, lyrics, melody and overall commercial potential. Twelve finalists, three from each category, will be announced during the first week of April 2010. Each of the twelve finalists will compete on the Austin Stage at MerleFest 2010. In addition, for the first time in the history of the contest, each of the twelve finalists will have the invaluable experience of a mentor session with Jim Lauderdale.

Claire Lynch Band in Northeast

One of the nation's most beloved bluegrass bands takes the stage in the Northeast with Grammy-nominated vocalist, Claire Lynch and her award-winning band members, Jim Hurst, Jason Thomas, and Mark Schatz.

Thursday, November 5
7:30 pm
The Mainstay
5753 Main Street
Rock Hall, MD
Directions Venue website
Call 410-639-9133 to reserve tickets

Friday, November 6
8:00 pm
Brandywine Friends of Old Time
Concert Series
(at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Hall)
420 Willa Road
Newark, DE
Brandywine Friends of Old Time Music website
Call 302-321-6466 to reserve tickets

If you have friends in the vicinity of these performances, thanks for sharing the word!

IBMA World of Bluegrass 2009 Report

World of Bluegrass Report: September 28-October 4, 2009

Attendance & Activities Cumulative Total: 18,150 visitors

Business Conference 2009
1557 Unique Attendees (5017 cumulative/4 days)
73 Exhibitors
19 Showcasing Artists (est. average attendance - 675/luncheon, 650/evening show)
10 Showcasing Songwriters
256 “After Hours” Artist Showcases
26 Seminars/Educational Labs Attended by 1281
123 Mentor Sessions on 38 topics
1 Gig Fair (537 appointments for event producers and artists/agents)
2 Song Demo Listening Sessions attended by 90
1 Crash Course for New Artists attended by 58
1 Crash Course for Songwriters attended by 106
1 Leadership Bluegrass “master class” for 36
1 General Membership Meeting
3 Member Constituency Meetings
IBMA Awards Show
Attendance – 2,338 (sold out)
Radio Broadcast live on Sirius XM and syndicated to 412 Network Affiliates at 233 Commercial Stations and 179 Non-Commercial

Fan Fest 2009
4,223 Unique Attendees (10,795 cumulative/3 days)
Performing Artists - 60+ Acts on Three Stages
69 Exhibitors
Bluegrass in the Schools Programs
Accredited Teacher In-Service Training Program for 62

Local/Regional Economic Impact – estimated $4.8 million"

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Leadership Bluegrass Seeking Applicants

Application Deadline November 15

Every year IBMA’s Leadership Bluegrass program brings together a cross section of music industry professionals to take an intensive look into the future challenges and opportunities our music faces, and our next class is slated for March 9-11, 2010, in Nashville, Tennessee. Those interested in participating are encouraged to apply for a limited number of openings.

Here’s what Mountain Heart’s Jim VanCleve had to say about his experience in the class of ’09: “Leadership Bluegrass is an intense, informative, high-level learning experience which is guaranteed to open your eyes and your mind. If you are serious about furthering your career, it will be an essential building block. But more importantly, it will provide you with the contacts and opportunities to help carry the music we all love forward.”

Click here to read the rest of this article.

Click here to apply for Leadershop Bluegrass 2010.

Anniversary With Video, November 1

The Seldom Scene was formed November 1, 1971. This video is from the Tommy Hunter TV Show, listen and watch Wait a Minute.

The Steep Canyon Rangers - Their Time Has Come « Bluegrass Unlimited

Sometimes timing is key. For the Steep Canyon Rangers, synchronicity has repeatedly and often uncannily played a major role. Yet their success is not a fluke. It is the result of hard work, dedication, focus, enthusiasm, and the bands adroitness at being ready and able to take the ball and run when opportunities come their way. Still, looking back, sometimes it almost feels as if there’s magic at work for this group.
The stage was set when North Carolinians Woody Platt, Graham Sharp, and Charles Humphrey III met and became friends as freshmen at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. They all had some experience with music, though none of them had ever thought about playing bluegrass prior to that time. Charles had studied violin and bass in middle school. Graham had played saxophone in high school. Woody knew a few guitar chords, and had been influenced by his mother’s record collection, which included Doc Watson, Bob Dylan, and Sweet Honey In The Rock. Once in college, the friends were beginning to listen to bands that were at the fringe of bluegrass, including New Grass Revival, Old & In The Way, Norman Blake, and David Grisman. Before they knew it, bluegrass had cast its spell.
Read complete story in Bluegrass Unlimited.