Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Traditional Ties, 11/15/09, Part 2

11:00 PM, True Bluegrass, With Care from Someone, True Bluegrass 1979, True Bluegrass, 2:00
11:02 PM, Chris Jones, One Door Away, Cloud of Dust, GSM, 2:39
11:05 PM, Darrin & Brooke Aldridge, Let's Not Go There, Advance, Mountain Home, 3:34
11:09 PM, Alecia Nugent, Nugent Family Band, Hillbilly Goddess, Rounder, 3;32
11:13 PM, Melvin Goins, Dancin' In the Dirt, Dancin' In the Dirt, Blue Circle, 2:44
11:16 PM, Johnny Williams, Papa Loved to Ring That Bell, Last Day of Galax, Mountain Roads, 3:05
11:19 PM, Ralph Stanley, Dickinson County Breakdown, Can't You Hear the Mountains Calling, Rounder, 1:48
11:21 PM, Hank Williams Jr., All the Roads, 127 Rose Ave., Curb, 3:06
11:24 PM, Tommy Edwards, Now's theTime to Say Goodbye, Heartbroke and Lonesome, Salisbury Street, 2:43
11:29 PM, The Bluegrass Soul Pickers, If I Ever Get Home, Advance, Advance, 3:07
11:32 PM, Adam Steffey, One More for the Road, One More for the Road, Sugar Hill, 3:58
11:36 PM, Wayne Taylor, I'm Gonna Be, Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa, Raincoe, 3:04
11:39 PM, Dale Ann Bradley, Don't Turn Your Back, Don't Turn Your Back, Compass, 2:37
11:43 PM, Summertown Road, That's Kentucky, Summertown Road, Rounder, 2:39
11:46 PM, Jim Lauderdale, Today, Could We Get Any Closer, Sky Crunch, 3:00
11:49 PM, Grass Cats, Detour, A Good Way to Get the Blues, New Time, 2:41
11:51 PM, Lou Reid, Amanda Lynn, My Own Set of Rules, Rural Rhythm, 3:29
11:55 PM, Sam Bush, The Old North Woods, Circles Around Me, Sugar Hill, 4;07

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Anonymous said...

Thank you John for your dedication, and love of the music. I recall the Friday nights in Greensburg, where we first met, and I wish you continued success, and best wishes for the future.
Sincerely, Jim Rankin (True Bluegrass)

John said...

Good to hear from you, thanks for the nice comments, hope to see you soon.