Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kentucky Artist Records "Big E" Tribute

Fot those who remember the early days of IBMA, and the World of Bluegrass events at the Owensboro Ky, Executive Inn, aka "The Big E."

Rumsey, KY- Kentucky Folk Artist and Kentucky Art’s Council Performing Arts Directory member Heath Eric has partnered with several local artists and musicians to produce a song that pays tribute to the history and impact of the Executive Inn Rivermont in Owensboro, Kentucky. It also highlights the sad reality of the hotel’s untimely and unfortunate demise.

The original song, “Big Pile of Bricks,” written and composed by the songwriting team of Americana Songwriter Rick Miller and Heath Eric, features the talent of several area musicians including: Heath Eric, Jeff “Wildman” Hardesty, Molly G. Troutman, Bill Blakeley, and Randy Lanham. Every artist on the project donated his or her time, talent, and resources.

“Big Pile of Bricks” will debut Thursday, November 5th, at 8:30am on the Joe Lowe Morning Show on 1490 WOMI AM – Owensboro, Kentucky. The song is also available for FREE streaming / listening at: . Copies will be available for purchase soon.

“Big Pile of Bricks” was recorded and produced at Rumsey Records, LLC (ASCAP) located in Rumsey, Kentucky. It is being released and published through Kentucky Roots Music, LLC (ASCAP), a publishing company partnership focused on promoting Kentucky music and heritage, formed by Rick Miller, Randy Lanham, and Heath Eric.

Although the song was conceived and recorded with the Executive Inn Rivermont in mind, it speaks to a much greater issue facing our nation, and indeed the world, on a daily basis.

Listen to the song here.

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