Thursday, November 19, 2009

Traditional Ties, 11/22/09, Playlist -Part 1

Comtact info for new add:

Air Time, Artist Name, Song Title, Album Name, Label, Duration
10:00 PM, Kenny Baker, Jersusalem Ridge (Theme), Plays Bill Monroe, County. 2;00
10:02 PM, Constant Change, Roses and Carnations, Hills of Home, Papa Leo, 2:34
10:06 PM, Doyle Lawson, Big Wind, Lonely Street, Rounder, 2:42
10:09 PM, Rhonda Vincent, Anywhere Is Home When I'm With You, Destination Life, Rounder, 3:18
10:12 PM, Southern Rail, Mr. Beaford's Barn, On the Road From Appomattox, Railway, 4:50
10:17 PM, Cathy Boyd and Phoenix Rising. Risky Business, Stories Never Told, Phoenix Rising, 3;34
10:21 PM, Special Consensus, Going to Carolina, Signs, Pinecastle, 3:09
10:24 PM, Darren Beachley, Daddy's Chair, Sad Songs and Sunday Mornings, Mastershield, 3:56 10:28 PM, Cullen Galyean, Midnight Ramble, Born to Bluegrass, Mountain Roads, 1:50
10:32 PM, Constant Change, The Hand Reached Down, Hills of Home, Papa Leo, 3:09
10:35 PM, Larry Stephenson, Thankful, , Thankful, Pinecastle, 3;01
10:38 PM, Barry Scott, Have You Met My Friend, In God's Time, Rebel, 2:31
10:40 PM, Nothin' Fancy, Let Your Light Shine Down, Lord Bless This House, Pinecastle, 2:31
10:44 PM, Constant Change, The Story of the Pharisees, Hills of Home, Papa Leo, 2:10
10:46 PM, Pathway, If It Weren't for Love, Somewhere Tonight, Mountain Roads, 4:02
10:46 PM, Lynn Beckman, Life's Railway to Heaven, Grassland to Gloryland, Anchor Cross, 4:02 10:54 PM, Cody Shuler & Pine Mountain Railroad, What Would You Give, Pickin', Prasin', Singin', Rural Rhythm, 4:09

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