Thursday, November 19, 2009

Traditional Ties, 11/22/09, Playlist - Part 2

11:00 PM, True Bluegrass, With Care From Someone (Theme), True Bluegrass 1979, True Bluegrass, 2:00
11:02 PM, Constant Change, Roving Rambler, Hills of Home, Papa Leo, 2:58
11:06 PM, Constant Change, Walk the Way the Wind Blows, Hills of Home, Papa Leo, 3:52
11:10 PM, Constant Change, Beneath Still Waters, Hills of Home, Papa Leo, 2:41
11:13 PM, Constant Change, Let Me Res, Hills of Home, Papa Leo, 2:25
11:17 PM, Darren Beachly & the Legends of the Potmac, Love you Don't Know Can Not Hurt You, CD Single, Patuxent, 4:08
11:21 PM, Steep Canyon Rangers, Mourning Dove, Deep In the Shade, Rebel, 2;32
11:24 PM, Alecia Nugent, The Writings All Over the Wall, HillbillyGodess, Rounder, 3:28
11:27 PM, Brandon Rickman, I Take the Backroads, Young Man Old Soul, Rural Rhythm, 3:21
11:32 PM, Wayne Taylor, Dirt Roads, Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa, Raincoe, 3:15
11:36 PM, Grasstowne, Pay Your Dues, The Other Side of Towne, Pinecastle, 3:30
11:39 PM, Audie Blaylock, Whispering Waters, Audie Blaylock & Red Line, Rural Rhythm, 2:50
11:42 PM, Tommy Webb, Everything You Do, Heartland, Rural Rhythm, 2:43
11:47 PM, Sawmill Road, I Found Another Darlin', Fire On the Kettle, SMR, 2;53
11:50 PM, The Grascals, Sad Wind Sighs, Keep On Walkin', Rounder, 3:25
11:53 PM, Mike Jackson, Red Checkerd Shirt, When You Goin' Back, Red Oak, 3:59
11:57 PM, Mark Delaney, Candlewood, Sidecar, Patuxent, 2:49

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