Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ashby Frank Leaving Special Consensus

News from Ashby Frank:

I’m pretty excited about going home for Thanksgiving this week, but of course I’ll be at Mashville on Tuesday before I leave. I hope I’ll see you there too!
After the Thanksgiving weekend, I’ll be leaving out with Special C for a week long tour of Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado. Another long drive, but it’s always nice to visit my friends in that part of the world.
The big news (at least in my world) is that trip will be my last tour as a member of the Special Consensus.
I’ve had a blast being a part of the band for the last two and a half years, and working with Special C has allowed me to see parts of the world that I’ve never seen before and become known as a singer and songwriter. I greatly appreciate the opportunity Greg Cahill gave me to be associated with the Special C, and the friendships that have been created as a result of my time with the band. I’ll miss you guys, and wish you much success!

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