Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Traditional Ties, 08/24/14, Playlist

Air Time
Manuel entries (no indent) have artist and selection reversed.

 Kenny Baker 
Jerusalem Ridge
Kenny Baker Plays Bill Monroe
10:00:00 PM
 Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper 
Too Late For Goodbyes
On Down the Line
10:03:34 PM

 Wayne Taylor
Movin' On
Movin' On
10:07:38 PM

Going Home
Roni Stoneman
Patuxent Banjo Project
10:10:59 PM
 The Bluegrass Brothers 
Too Long
10:13:53 PM

 Reno And Harrell 
Gift of Love
Reno Bound
10:18:32 PM

 Bill Emerson And Sweet Dixie
Dancin' Annie
Dancin’ Annie
10:21:40 PM
 Darrell Webb Band 
Flying South To Dixie
Dream Big
10:24:31 PM
Hot Burrito Breakdown
Mike Mumford
Patuxent Banjo Project
10:26:58 PM

 Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper 
Over On the Other Side
On Down the Line
10:29:50 PM

 Wayne Taylor 
Movin' On
10:32:19 PM
Who Will Sing for Me
Allegheny Drifters
Climb Heaven's ladder
10:34:59 PM
 Locust Ridge 
Restoring the Love

10:38:31 PM

I'm Gonna Sing, Sing, Sing
Larry Sparks
Lonesome and Then Some ...
10:44:23 PM
 The Churchmen 
In the Twinklin of an Eye
Mercy Road
10:47:51 PM
 CrossPoint - We're Gonna Rise
Mercy and Grace
We're Gonna Rise
10:51:24 PM

 Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver 
Get On Board
Open Carefully Message Inside
10:55:18 PM

With Care from Someone
True Bluegrass
True Bluegrass 1979
11:00:00 PM
 Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper 
Fiddlin' Joe
On Down the Line
11:02:00 PM

 Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper 
Me and My Fiddle
On Down the Line
11:05:40 PM

 Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper 
She Ain't Sayin'
On Down the Line
11:08:21 PM

 Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper 
The Garden Wall
On Down the Line
11:11:30 PM

 Wayne Taylor 
Old Home Place
Movin' On
11:15:16 PM
Sugar Foot Rag
Tom Adams
Patuxent Banjo Project
11:18:15 PM
 Missy Werner 
I Always Do (feat. Jon Weisberger, Megan McCormick, Stephen Mougin, Maggie Estes White, Thomas Wywrot, Artie Werner & Sierra Hull)
Turn This Heart Around
11:20:45 PM
 Edgar Loudermilk 
To Uncle Sam and Mr Wall Street
My Big Chance Tomorrow
11:24:13 PM

 Wayne Taylor 
Gamblin' Man
Movin' On
11:28:13 PM
Hazel Creek
Murphy Henry
11:30:50 PM
 The Crowe Brothers 
I Got the Moon On My Side
I Got the Moon On My Side - Single
11:34:52 PM
 Big Country Bluegrass 
Baby, Your Cheatin'
Memories of the Past
11:38:41 PM

 Wayne Taylor 
Havin' a Ball
Movin' On
11:41:41 PM
Bird Bath
Mark Delaney
Patuxent Banjo Project
11:45:29 PM
 Balsam Range 
Chasing Someone Else's Dreams
11:48:17 PM
 Irene Kelley 
My Flower
Pennsylvania Coal
11:51:51 PM

Edit Break
Farewell Blues
Kevin Church
11:56:27 PM

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