Saturday, September 20, 2014

Traditional Ties, 09/21/13, Playlist

Air Time

 Kenny Baker
Jerusalem Ridge
Kenny Baker Plays Bill Monroe
10:00:00 PM

 The Roys
No More Lonely
The View
10:03:34 PM

 Donna Hughes
Hard Hearted
From the Heart
10:07:14 PM

 Joe Mullins
Now the Summer's Gone
Now the Summer's Gone - Single
10:10:07 PM
 Breaking Grass
Whatever You Need
Just As Strong
10:13:38 PM
 Shawn Lane
Texas On My Mind
Mountain Songs
10:17:13 PM

 Flatt Lonesome
Letters Have No Arms
10:21:48 PM
 The Spinney Brothers
Gonna Catch a Train
Tried & True
10:24:22 PM
 The Roys
Northern Skies
The View
10:26:52 PM

 Donna Hughes
Walk By Faith, Not By Sight
From the Heart
10:30:12 PM
 Steve Dilling, Skip Cherryholmes, Darrell Webb, Jason Moore & Justen Haynes
The Way, The Truth, The Light
Session 1
10:33:08 PM
 John Bowman
In My Father's Eyes
Worship Him
10:35:35 PM
 The Farm Hands Bluegrass Quartet
He Saw It All
In a Country Town
10:39:41 PM
 Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
He's In Control
Open Carefully Message Inside
10:42:31 PM

 The Roys
Mended Wings
The View
10:46:34 PM

Talk With Your Heart
We're Gonna Rise
10:51:02 PM

 The Bluegrass Brothers
Grand Reunion
10:55:35 PM

With Care from Someone
True Bluegrass
True Bluegrass 1979
11:00:00 PM

 Donna Hughes
Walmart Checkout Line
From the Heart
11:02:00 PM

 Donna Hughes
I Wanna Grow Old With You
From the Heart
11:05:23 PM

 Donna Hughes
From the Heart
11:09:51 PM

 Donna Hughes
Nothing Left to Say
From the Heart
11:13:00 PM

 The Roys
Those Boots
The View
11:17:07 PM

 Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper
Jack O' Diamonds
On Down the Line
11:20:43 PM
 Rachel Burge & Blue Dawning
I've Seen Enough of What's Behind Me
Rachel Burge & Blue Dawning
11:24:12 PM

 Pete Kuykendall
Sawmill Shuffle
The Patuxent Banjo Project
11:26:46 PM

 The Roys
Live the Life You Love
The View
11:28:59 PM

 Trinity River Band
Jacob's Ladder
Better Than Blue
11:31:24 PM

 Larry Efaw and the Bluegrass Mountaineers
Waves On the Sea
She Left Me Standing On a Mountain
11:34:19 PM

 Tim Stafford
Father Nelson
Just to Hear the Whistle Blow
11:38:12 PM

 The Roys
Mandolin Man (feat. Doyle Lawson)
The View
11:42:50 PM

 Edgar Loudermilk
My Big Chance Tomorrow
11:46:11 PM
 Big Country Bluegrass
I'm Putting on My Leaving Shoes
Memories of the Past
11:49:27 PM

 Blue Highway
The Game
11:54:13 PM

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