Friday, November 14, 2014

Traditional Ties, 11/16/14, Pkaylist

Air Time

 Kenny Baker
Jerusalem Ridge
Kenny Baker Plays Bill Monroe
10:00:00 PM

Aganist the Grain
Larry Cordle / Garth Brooks
All Star Duets
10:03:34 PM

 The Crowe Brothers 
Lost Highway
Forty Years Old
10:06:31 PM

 Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice 
Honky-Tonked to Death
Trouble Follows Me
10:09:43 PM

 Phil Leadbetter 
I'm a Modern Day Interstate Gypsy
The Next Move
10:12:27 PM
Highway Forty Blues
Larry Cordle / Ricky Skaggs
All Star Duets
10:16:11 PM
 The Crowe Brothers - Forty Years Old
Excuse Me, I Think I've Got a Heartache
The Crowe Brothers
Forty Years Old
10:19:46 PM

 Murphy Henry 
Hazel Creek
The Patuxent Banjo Project
10:23:14 PM

 The Crowe Brothers 
Where Will You Be
Forty Years Old
10:28:16 PM
 Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver 
Coming Soon
Open Carefully Message Inside
10:31:42 PM
 Steve Gulley 
Could You Walk a Mile (Feat Debbie Gulley)
Family, Friends and Fellowship
10:34:59 PM
 Larry Stephenson Band 
Come to Jesus Moment
Pull Your Savior In
10:39:16 PM
 Larry Stephenson Band 
Amazing Grace (feat. Whysper Dream Stevenson)
Larry Stephenson Band
Pull Your Savior In
10:44:05 PM

 Travis Frye & Blue Mountain 
Turn Your Radio On (w/ Hall Sisters circa 1948)
Living in a Moment
10:44:50 PM

Talk With Your Heart
We're Gonna Rise
10:48:48 PM

 Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers
Because He Lives
Another Day From Life
10:53:34 PM

With Care From Someone
True Bluegrass
True Bluegrass 1979
11:00:00 PM

The Bigger the Fool
Larry Cordle / Del McCoury
All Star Duets
11:02:00 PM

Lonesome Standard Time
Larry Cordle / Kathy Mattea
All Star Duets
11:07:30 PM

Murder on Music Row
Larry Cordle /Daryle Singletary
All Star Duets
11:11:00 PM

Two Highways
Larry Cordle /Alison Krauss
All Star Duets
11:15:45 PM

 The Crowe Brothers 
I've Got the Moon On My Side
Forty Years Old
11:20:58 PM

 The Spinney Brothers 
Sweet Hazel Moore
Tried & True
11:24:47 PM

 The Seldom Scene
Wait a Minute (feat. John Starling)
Long Time... Seldom Scene
11:28:09 PM
 Hot Rize 
Sky Rider
When I'm Free
11:33:20 PM

 The Crowe Brothers 
Don't Let Our Love Die
Forty Years Old
11:35:56 PM

 The Crowe Brothers 
Livin' In a Mobile Home
Forty Years Old
11:38:49 PM
 Irene Kelley 
My Flower
Pennsylvania Coal
11:41:39 PM
 Lonesome River Band
Her Love Won't Turn On a Dime
Turn On a Dime
11:45:00 PM
 The Crowe Brothers 
Two Feet On the Floor
Forty Years Old
11:47:52 PM
 Bryan Sutton
Been All Around This World
Into My Own
11:49:59 PM

 Darrell Webb Band 
Dream Big
11:54:51 PM

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