Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dr. Banjo, Banjo Camps

From Pete Wernick:

A heads-up about our Bluegrass Jam Camps in Boulder, Colorado this November. We've hosted these camps for ten years now, and it's hard to express our satisfaction at helping so many people achieve the breakthroughs they do at the camp. Playing music in a group is one of the great pleasures in life, and it's more accessible than most people realize. With the Basic Jam Camp two months off, Nov. 13-15, it's not too late for people who don't even currently play an instrument... there's time to learn the four simple chords needed to start jamming. Yes, it really is that easy to get started! An instrument + a tuner + four chords = a lot of music and fun. Many people have dreamed of playing music with others but their instruments have not seen daylight in years. Our mission is to see those instruments out of the cases and the musicians out of the closet! If you know of such and instrument or such a person, send them to us! [More info here.]

For more experienced players, there's the Intermediate Jamming & Band Skills Camp Nov. 20-22. We help people upgrade their bluegrass skills such as lead playing and lead and harmony singing, band dynamics, and song arrangements, as well as expanding their repertoire. [Click here.]The camps draw folks from near and far. The affordability and hospitality of the Boulder Inn, and its easy access to Denver and its airport are part of the reason most campers come in from out of town. Jam camp is a great way to learn or review the ground rules and repertoire of bluegrass jamming, connect (or re-connect) with fellow pickers from all over, and have big fun making music together in a full-immersion setting.If you can't make it to Boulder, watch for our 2010 schedule of camps soon on DrBanjo.com.
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Banjo pickers! Coming up soon: our 25th Anniversary Winter Banjo Camps, Basic Skills (Jan. 4-9), Intermediate (Jan. 11-16) or Advanced (Jan. 18-23). Also at the Boulder Inn! I'm proud to receive comments like this:
"The months after the camp were the most productive and fun I've had with the banjo." -- Keith P., MD Basic camp 09 "It's nice to have someone so passionate who can also communicate the details of good playing...as well as reminding all of us why we started in the first place...to have FUN." -- Andy M., VA Intermed. camp 08
"I really enjoyed the Banjo Camp. It was thoughtful, well organized, and beneficial in more ways than I could have expected. The fact that you've been doing it for

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