Saturday, April 17, 2010

Former Nickel Creek member tours solo

By Jennifer Popiel • For Go! Magazine •

EASTON — Sara Watkins, former band member of Grammy award-winning acoustic trio Nickel Creek, is debuting her new self-titled album now through June and will be in concert at the Nightcat in Easton on Monday.
The 27-year-old singer-songwriter has flirted with the idea of working on solo projects for quite a while. Former Led Zepplin bassist John Paul Jones first encouraged Watkins to make a record of her own when they met on tour in 2004; he continued to be persistent with her and told her that if he did not allow her to produce an album for her, he would never speak to her again
Flattered that Jones was so excited to work with her, the moment to produce an album finally came to fruition when Nickel Creek went on an “indefinite” hiatus.
The timing was perfect because Watkins was ready to begin working on solo projects, and Jones made the transition so much easier for her she said in alleviating the search for a good producer.
Transitioning solo has been a change of pace with more ups than downs, according to Watkins.
“At first I was a little nervous about it, especially having to make a lot of my own decisions, whereas before I could rely heavily on my bandmates,” she said.
Watkins is gracious for being able to brainstorm ideas with other players she is acquainted with in the community. Full story...

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