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Traditional Ties, 04/11/10, Playlist

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10:00 PM, Kenny Baker, Jerusalem Ridge (Theme), Plays Bill Monroe, County, 2:00

10:02 PM, Audie Blaylock, Cryin' Heart Blues, Cryin' Heart Blues, Rural Rhyrhm, 2:13

10:05 PM, The Grasscals, The Last Train to Clarksville, The Famous Lefty Fynn's,  Rounder, 2:59

10:08 PM, Darren Beachley, Love You Don't Know, Cannot Hurt You, CD Single, Patuxent,, 4:08

10:12 PM Jim Lloyd You Can't Plant an Onion Upside Down, Songs from My Attic, Mountain Roads, 2:56

10:17 PM, Steep Canyon Rangers, Have Mercy, Deep in the Shade, Rebel, 3:12

10:20 PM, Grasstowne, Heartbreak Express, The Other Side of Towne, Pinecastle, 2:53

10:23 PM, Claire Lynch, My Florida Sunshine, Whatcha You Gonna Do, Rounder, 3:00

10:26 PM, Adam Steffey, Deep Rough,, One More for the Road Sugar Hill, 2:57

10:30 PM, Doyle Lawson, Light on My Feet, Ready to Fly, Light on My Feet, Ready to Fly, Horizon, 2:33

10:34 PM, Doyle Lawson, In Your Arms, Light on My Feet, Ready to Fly, Horizon, 4:18

10:39 PM, Doyle Lawson, Teddy Bear Revival, Light on My Feet, Ready to Fly, Horizon, 3:26

10:43 PM, Doyle Lawson, Zion Medley, Light on My Feet, Ready to Fly, Horizon, 4:33

10:48 PM, Audie Blaylock, He Is Near, Cryin' Heart Blues, Rural Rhythm, 3:12

10:51 PM, NewFound Road ,I Am the Man Thomas, Same Old Place, Rounder, 2:59

10:54 PM, Paul Williams, Living the Right Life Now, Just a Little Closer Home, Rebel, 2:19

10:56 PM, Don Rigsby, One Prayer Away, Voice of God, Rebel, 2:29

11:00 PM, True Bluegrass, With Care from Someone (Theme,) True Bluegrass 1979, True Bluegrass, 2:00

11:02 PM, Audie Blaylock, All I Can Do Is Pretend, Cryin' Heart Blues, Rural Rhythm, 3:43

11:06 PM, Audie Blaylock, Matches, Cryin' Heart Blues, Rural Rhythm, 2:52

11:09 PM, Audie Blaylock, Troubles 'round My Door, Cryin' Heart Blues, Rural Rhythm, 1:43

11:12 PM, Audie Blaylock, Rummie's Run, Cryin' Heart Blues, Rebel, 2:36

11:15 PM, Ruth & Max Bloomquist, Daddy Was an Old Man, Turn Back a Page, Ruby, 3:25

11:18 PM, Brand New Strings, Merry Go Round, No Strings Attached, Rural Rhythm, 2:00

11:20 PM, Special Consensus, Too Late Now, Signs, Pinecastle, 3:43

11:24 PM, Snyder Family Band, Faded Love, Comin' on Strong, Mountain Roads, 4:13

11:29 PM, Del McCoury, I Remember You, Family Circle, McCoury Music, 2:27

11:31 PM, Randy Kohrs, More About John Henry, Quicksand, Rural Rhythm, 3:36

11:35 PM, Big Country Bluegrass, The Boys in Hats and Ties, Single, TBA ,2:25

11:37 PM, The Allegheny Drifters, Mind Your Own Business, Can't Wait, The Allegheny Drifters, 3:09

11:43 PM, Johnny Williams, Last Day of Galax, Last Day of Galax, Mountain Roads, 5:00

11:48 PM, Dailey & Vincent, Flowers on the Wall, Dailey & Vincent Sing the Statler Brothers, Cracker Barrel, 2:24

11:50 PM, The Chapmans, Love's Gonna Live Here, Grown Up, Compass, 2:58

11:53 PM, Chris Warner, Goin' to the Dance, Goin' to the Dance ,Patuxent, 3:17

11:57 PM, Blue Shades, Catawa, Chasing Dreams, Blue Shades, 2:39


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