Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Full Steam Ahead Releases New CD "Music From The Hearth"

Howdy folks,

Over the last couple of weeks I've had the opportunity to listen to Full Steam Ahead's new CD "Music From The Hearth."
From the first few measures of the first cut, it's obvious these guys have been working hard.

The CD has 12 tunes with about half of them being originals by band members.
The entire project is first class quality and includes a great selection of material, top notch recording, superb mixing and informative packaging.

I've known a few of the guys personally for some time but it's been a real treat to get to know the rest of the members musically through this CD. There's no real 'barn burner' songs presented here but that's not really this band's style and you won't be disappointed with their smooth approach to any of the cuts. I believe this CD really showcases just how far FSA has evolved as a band.

There's lots of fantastic picking & singing and several cuts have some really unique harmony twists. (both vocally & instrumentally)
FSA brought in a couple of guest performers for this project but they never overshadow the solid performance of the band.

I don't see a way to order the CD on their web site (as of yet) but I've been informed that's coming soon.
In the meantime, shoot one of the members an email from their web site. (that's what I did)

This is an exceptional first project and it's highly recommended.
They've set the bar another notch higher for Western PA bluegrass bands.

Visit their website here.


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