Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Traditional Ties, 03/01/15, Playlist

Air Time

 Kenny Baker - Kenny Baker Plays Bill Monroe
Jerusalem Ridge
Kenny Baker
Kenny Baker Plays Bill Monroe
10:00:00 PM

 Cody Shuler
Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye
Cody Shuler
10:03:34 PM

 Shannon & Heather Slaughter 
There Ain't No Need to Be Lonely
Never Just a Song
10:07:09 PM
 Robert Earl Keen 
Hot Corn, Cold Corn
Happy Prisoner: The Bluegrass Sessions (Deluxe Edition)
10:10:09 PM
Peaceful Easy Feeling
Springfield Exit
Springfield Exit
10:13:36 PM

 Blue Highway 
All the Things You Do
The Game
10:18:20 PM
 Crowe, Lawson & Williams
Pretending I Don't Care
Standing Tall and Tough
10:21:33 PM
 Trinity River Band -
Barefoot Breakdown
Better Than Blue
10:25:41 PM

 Cody Shuler
Sea of Galilee
Cody Shuler
10:29:21 PM
 Shannon & Heather Slaughter 
Go Sin No More
Never Just a Song
10:33:21 PM
Lord Do a Work In Me
We're Gonna Rise
10:37:00 PM

On the Sea of Life
A New Road
10:40:12 PM

 The Churchmen 
Sweet Blessed Land of Beulah
Mercy Road
10:43:13 PM
 Steve Gulley
Scars In His Hands
Family, Friends and Fellowship
10:46:15 PM
 The Spinney Brothers 
I Wanna Walk With Jesus
Tried & True
10:50:40 PM

Who Will Sing For Me
Allegheny Drifters
Climb Heaven's Ladder
10:54:58 PM

With Care From Someone
True Bluegrass
True Bluegrass 1979
11:00:00 PM
 Cody Shuler
My Home Is On This Ole Boxcar
Cody Shuler
11:02:00 PM

 Cody Shuler
Do You Wrong Kind of Girl
Cody Shuler
11:06:57 PM

 Cody Shuler
The One That I Love Is Gone
Cody Shuler
11:09:55 PM

 Cody Shuler
When the Bonnets Were In Bloom
Cody Shuler
11:13:36 PM

 Shannon & Heather Slaughter 
That's What's Good in America
Never Just a Song
11:17:48 PM
 Lonesome River Band
Her Love Won't Turn On a Dime
Turn On a Dime
11:21:14 PM

 Gentlemen of Bluegrass 
Traveling Kind
Carolina Memories

 Tom Mindte 
Something I've Been Working On
11:27:49 PM

 Shannon & Heather Slaughter 
Never Just a Song
11:31:01 PM

 Tim Stafford 
Just to Hear the Whistle Blow
Just to Hear the Whistle Blow
11:34:19 PM
 Blue Mafia 
One Bad Day
Pray For Rain

 The Farm Hands 
The Way It Was in 51
Better Than I Deserve
11:40:56 PM

 Shannon & Heather Slaughtter
Ridin' the Lightnin' Ropin' the Storm
Never Just a Song
11:44:53 PM

 Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice 
Walk Slow
Trouble Follows Me
11:47:34 PM
 Larry Sparks 
11:50:56 PM

 Cody Shuler
Bryson Station
Cody Shuler
11:55:26 PM

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