Friday, March 6, 2015

Traditional Ties, 03/08/15, Playlist

Air Time

 Kenny Baker 
Jerusalem Ridge
Kenny Baker Plays Bill Monroe
10:00:00 PM
 The Grass Cats 
85 On 85
The Old School Road
10:03:34 PM

 Billy Hurt, Jr. 
Old Jake Gillie
Fiddlin' Billy Hurt
10:08:27 PM
 Shannon & Heather Slaughter 
Ridin' the Lightnin' Ropin' the Storm
Never Just a Song
10:10:32 PM

 Cody Shuler
My Home Is On This Ole Boxcar
Cody Shuler
10:13:13 PM

Broken Heart Mended
Highways and Heartaches
10:18:41 PM
 Russ Carson 
Heartbreak Hall of Fam
Avenue of the Giants
10:21:56 PM
 Billy Hurt, Jr.
Dance All Night with a Bottle in Your Hand
Fiddlin' Billy Hurt
10:25:11 PM

 The Grass Cats
Come In (feat. Emily Kirsch)
The Old School Road
10:29:04 PM
 Dave Adkins 
I Can't Even Walk
Nothing To Lose
10:31:19 PM

 Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers 
Because He Lives
Another Day From Life
10:35:46 PM

 Locust Ridge
Restoring the Love

 Larry Stephenson Band 
Pull Your Savior In
Pull Your Savior In
10:46:49 PM
 Mountain Faith 
God Is There
Mountain Faith
10:49:23 PM

 Darin Aldridge & Brooke Aldridge 
Will You Be Ready
10:54:50 PM

With Care From Someone
True Bluegrass
True Bluegrass 1979
11:00:00 PM

 The Grass Cats 
The Old School Road
The Old School Road
11:02:00 PM

 The Grass Cats - The Old School Road
I've Got My Baby On My Mind
The Old School Road
11:06:17 PM

 The Grass Cats
If Practice Makes Perfect
The Old School Road
11:09:24 PM

 The Grass Cats 
The Right Thing to Do
The Old School Road
11:12:45 PM

That’s What Makes the Bluegrass Blue (feat. Rhonda Vincent)
All the Way
11:16:48 PM

 Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper 
Me and My Fiddle
On Down the Line
11:20:09 PM

 Breaking Grass 
High On the Mountain
Just As Strong
11:22:21 PM

 Billy Hurt, Jr. -
Chinky Pin
Fiddlin' Billy Hurt
11:25:15 PM

 Irene Kelley 
My Flower
Pennsylvania Coal
11:28:16 PM
 Volume Five 
11:31:37 PM
 Mountain Fait
Don't Get Above Your Raisin'
11:35:08 PM
 Billy Hurt, Jr. 
Richmond Polka
Fiddlin' Billy Hurt
11:37:28 PM

 Phil Leadbetter 
Pull the Trigger
The Next Move
11:40:48 PM
 Feller and Hill 
Tired of Losing You (feat. Rhonda Vincent)
Here Come Feller and Hill...Again!

 The Bluegrass Brothers 
Backside of Thirty
11:47:42 PM
Keep It in the Middle of the Road
Rail River & Road
11:50:31 PM

 Tim Stafford
Father Nelson
Just to Hear the Whistle Blow
11:54:46 PM

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