Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Infamous Stringdusters

WHAT: A six man group from Nashville, Tennessee....Andy Hall, Jesse Cobb, Travis Book, Andy Falco and Jeremy Garrett. Having literally just come off an ever long and winding road of shows and touring, we were able to catch a few words from the band on music, life, and future plans...
STAND OUT: It's their brand of music. And that is to say, they don't like brands...just the sound of a good tune. As they work to complete their latest album, set for release in 2010, you can expect to find a rich and textured range of melody and lyricism that is as eternally classic as it is game changing...

RAPT: You've talked before about how time spent on the road touring together has brought a unity among you that perhaps wasn't there before -- What were some of the early goals of the band when you got going in '07 and how has that changed in the last couple of years?

Jesse: When we started out, we were definitely working exclusively within the bluegrass festival circuit, taking any offers that came our way. That came from just needing to get enough steam rolling to make a living for six people. One of our earlier goals was to break out of the typical bluegrass pattern of playing mostly festivals...we wanted to build a touring schedule based on hard ticket club gigs. Being able to tour when we want, as much as we want is and has been the goal for us as a band. Balancing touring with enough time to spend with family, pursue solo projects, and have a home life is the end game.

RAPT: We know that your experience with music comes from lots of places…classical and rock and various other genres -- What did you want this upcoming third album to reflect musically? Do you feel like your sound is ever-shifting or how would you describe it?

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