Saturday, June 5, 2010

Darren Beachley and Legends of the Potomac keep bluegrass flowing

By: Nancy Dunham
Special to The Examiner

Darren Beachley knows and respects the "D.C. bluegrass sound" -- even though he doesn't play it.

Darren Beachley and Legends of the Potomac formed recently, he and his band mates -- some of the best known bluegrass players in the region -- opted to develop a style all their own and not look back. That may just prove to be the formula for success.

"We didn't get into this per se to sound like a Washington, D.C., band," Beachley said. "We wanted to play material that wasn't done by anyone else to make the songs and the sound uniquely ours."

Beachley, a Frederick, Md., native, and his band mates certainly have the right music credentials to develop their own style. As veterans of such renowned bands as Bill Harrell and the Virginians, the Seldom Scene, the Travelers and, of course, Darren Beachley and the Maryland Line the members are among the best in the format.

"After you accomplish one dream, there are always others down the road," he said. "After winning so many awards and performing at so many events I realized what is next is to make my own music." More.

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