Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finding the right chord


Denis Chadbourn has a lot to share after spending a month in Nashville with colleagues from around the world discussing the state of the music industry and how to meet modern challenges.
The neat thing, it's kind of like the wild west, a borderless frontier," Chadbourn said about the opportunity musicians have to market and sell their wares using the new media" tools on the Internet.

The old model is out the window."
Gone are the days of signing away copyright and large percentages of profit to the big companies which controlled who gets exposure and how.
Artists are now selling directly to their fans," said Chadbourn, a member of the C-Denny Band, president of the Bluegrass Music Association of Central Canada and founding chairman of the Nipissing Bluegrass Association.
They may reach fewer people, but it allows you to retain your rights and your slice of the pie is a lot bigger."
Chadbourn said there were 25 participants in the global music symposium, including representatives from Australia and Ireland, with workshops focused on the issues faced by writers, producers, musicians, agents and festival organizers.
There were experts from every walk of the industry," he said, adding he will try to apply the new knowledge as an independent musician, a co-ordinator of large-scale events and promoting fellow artists.
Chadbourn said one of the key innovations they talked about was
Webmetrics," which allow someone to drill down into their social networking sites to broaden their marketing capabilities.
He said musicians with webbased platforms for fans can study the demographics of their fans to grow a network for sales. More

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