Thursday, October 8, 2009

Traditional Ties, 08/11/09, Playlist - Part 2

11:00 PM True Bluegrass With Care from Someone True Bluegrass 1979 True Bluegrass 2:00
11:02 PM Tommy Edwards Dance With the Devil Heartbroke and Lonesom Salisbury Street 3:32
11:06 PM Tommy Edwards Monroeville Hartbroke and Lonesome Salisbury Street 2:59
11:10 PM Tommy Edwards That's What I Like About You Heartbroke and Lonesome Salisbury Street 2:45
11:14 PM Tommy Edwards Same Smokey Old Bar Room Hartbroke and Lonesome Salisbury Street 3:34
11:19 PM Jeff & Vida Sharp As a Knife Selma Chalk Rosebank 4:40
11:23 PM Whittaker Station Days of Gray and Black Waiting At the Station Whittaker Station 3:05
11:27 PM Mike Jackson Red Checkered Shirt When We Goin' Back Red Oak 3:59
11:31 PM Dan Tyminski Knock Knock Wheels Rounder 1:52
11:34 PM Whittaker Station 40 Years Ago Waiting At the Station Whittaker Station 2:17
11:37 PM Jefff & Vida Little Sara Selma Chalk Rosebank 2:53
11:40 PM Kenny & Amanda Smith Randall Collins Live and Learn Rebel 2:43
11:43 PM Alecia Nugent The Writing's on the Wall Hillbilly Goddess Rounder 3:28
11:47 PM Whittaker Station Wait a Minute Waiting at the Station Whittaker Station 4:18
11:51 PM Jeff & Vida Fire in the Water Selma Chalk Rosebank 2:58
11:54 PM Lonesome Highway Gravel Road The Highway Called Lonesome Highway 3:05
11:57 PM Mac Martin Venango Venango Copper Creek 2:25
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