Saturday, October 3, 2009

Liz Meyer Health Update

Liz missed the EWOB Festival 2009 due to severe back problems caused by an aggressive breast cancer invasion of the bones that virtually destroyed her spine (backbone). Since early June, Liz has been undergoing treatment at a very special little hospital in southern Germany.

German cancer clinics are considered the gold standard in cancer treatment worldwide, and Klinik St. Georg is the gold standard among German cancer clinics. Liz attributes this to its medical director, Dr. Friedrich Douwes, whom she describes as brilliant, creative, and years ahead of his time. Dr. Douwes is also the President of the German Oncology Association.
Although Liz arrived looking like a lost cause, her treatments are going very well. The cancer invasion has been reversed, her bones are slowly and successfully being remineralized, and soon, with lots of physiotherapy and exercise, Liz will be able to sit up for the first time in 4 months. She expects to be home in Holland before Christmas.

You can write to Liz at this address.
LIZ MEYER (patient)
c/o Klinik St. Georg,
Rosenheimer Str. 6-8
D-83043 Bad Aibling, Germany"

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