Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Traditional Ties, 10/18/09, Highlights

Contact info for new adds:
Dailey & Vincent - http://daileyvincent.musiccitynetworks.com/
Buddy Merrian - http://buddymerriam.com/
Various (Born Into Bluegrass, The Songs of Cullen Galyean) - http://mountainroadsrecordings.com/

A double feature night for Traditional Ties, the new Dailey & Vincent acapella gospel release (10:30) and The songs of Cullen Galyean (11:00) will be featured. A new mandolin CD from Buddy Merrian will be highlighted through out the show.

The complete playlist will be posted later this week.

JOHN TROUT, WYEP FM, PITTSBURGH, PA. tties91@hotmail.com
'TRADITIONAL TIES'- NEW RELEASE BLUEGRASS WITH FEATURES. 91.3 WYEP, http://www.wyep.org 10:00 PM Eastern Time (U.S.) Sundays. Streaming Audio
1608 JEFFERSON ST, LATROBE PA, 15650 -2940

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